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tekanan statitka 2 Pengenalan jenis aliran fluida Aliran laminar dan turbulen, pengembangan persamaan untuk penentuan jenis aliran: bilangan reynolds. teori dan aspek praktis mekanika fluida, dimulai dengan pembahasan sifat- sifat fluida, aliran laminer dan turbulen dalam pipa dan disekeliling benda padat, . Ya Moody diagram sangat bermanfaat untuk menghitung aliran yang nilai faktor gesekan. dan jenis aliran apakah turbulen ataukah laminer.

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Pipa terletak miring dengan kemiringan 1: Numpang lapak gan Mekanika Fluida Dasar. Elevasi titik B adalah 50 di atas titik A.

Selidiki tipe aliran Bilangan reynolds: This flow range is often called the Stokes flow. Each type of pipe as a friction factor, f, associated with it. Pressure drop coefficient vs.

Still, the total head h or tuurbulen remains constant. Diamter pipe ft long, the entrance of which is located 50ft below the water surface in the tank.

The time taken for the level to rise a specific height was measured and recorded. When fluid does work — pressure drops. For flow around bluff bodies, drag is most often dominating, and then the qualifier “parasitic” is meaningless. It uses an arbitrary chosen space defined by fictitious boundaries which enables the motion of the fluid to be considered in relation to this space.


moody diagram dan viskositas : cara penggunaan ~ Langit Hasnan

Auth with social network: Hmaj Major losses occur over the entire pipe, as the friction of the fluid over the pipe walls removes energy from the system. Isi kuliah mencakup konsep perpindahan momentum, berupa sifat kekentalan fluida yang akan mempengaruhi distribusi aliran dalam pipa dan disekeliling benda padat, metoda pengukuran aliran fluida, perhitungan yang menyangkut penurunan tekanan yang terkait dengan daya pompa, atau kipas serta daya yang dapat dibangkitkan Silabus Lengkap dari aliran fluida melalui turbin.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Therefore, to correctly calculate the flow and pressures in pipe systems, the Bernoulli Equation must be modified. Figures 2 and 3 show Eu vs.

TL Mekanika Fluida I Benno Rahardyan Pertemuan. – ppt download

Any air present was allowed to escape by bleeding off some water through bleed valves situated at the hughest point of the 2 inch dimater pipe and at the top of the manometer. These can then be simplified in some special cases.

Reynolds number for staggered tube banks. In aerodynamics, Wave drag consists of multiple components depending on the speed regime of the flight.


Momentum is transferred over area corresponding to upstream pipe diameter.

TL2101 Mekanika Fluida I Benno Rahardyan Pertemuan.

The system consists of an inlet duct 0. Registration Forgot your password? Unlike major losses, minor losses do not occur over the length of the pipe, but only at points of momentum loss. Hmin Momentum losses in Pipe diameter changes and in pipe bends are called minor losses.

This usually done as follows: What happens if the roughness increases by a factor of 10? The solid line is for a sphere with a smooth surface, while the dashed line is for the case of a rough surface.

Elevasi titik B adalah 50 di atas titik A. How do we get this relationship? The loss at entry to the inlet duct is 0. The velocity components are: The velocities at these sections will be v1 and v2. Induced drag consists of two primary components, including drag due to the creation of vortices vortex drag and the presence of additional viscous drag lift-induced viscous drag.