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for the Promotion of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (ANPME). 1 . financed by ANPME within the framework of Moussanada program. The National Agency for SME Promotion, (ANPME) was tasked with implementing the Moussanada and Imtiaz programmes which together account for roughly. Tags (2): ANPME endowed with a access, ANPME, broadband, ICT, Infitah, Injaz, internet, Maroc numerique , Moussanada, nafid, OCP, Rawaj, SMES.

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Business Process | Une plateforme sur mesure pour mieux vendre dans le Cloud

Needless to say that SMEs are thus considered the backbone of economic and social growth, and as such do benefit from dedicated public policies in all critical phases: The ongoing exclusive negotiations on a Thorough and Comprehensive Free-Trade Agreement ALECA between EU and our country, to achieve deeper economic integration, can only fasten the process in the business transfers field.

But the authoritarian patriarchal system does not offer a proper open-minded and communicative environment, which facilitates the succession processes even though the relational harmony based on rich communication and mutual respect is deemed to be a success-factor of the family firms transmission process. Inprivate equity firms raised more than 9 billion Moroccan dirhams equivalent of million Euros. For this programme, anlme Moroccan public authorities take care of a part of the experts cost and the cost of acquiring and implementing information systems.

Middle Eastern and Arab families are mainly patrilineal Todd, and the father and his sons are the heart of the family and business organisations. These companies represent a total turnover of 28 billion Dhs, including 4 billion for export and 76 jobs. This legal reform aims at being in line with international best practices and securing the venture capital activity for investors.

In order to ideally support business transfers, the ANPME has developped a specific set of services in the Moussanada pack for business transfer. Successful business transfers are key to make companies sustainable and dynamic. Following a recent conference in Casablanca, the European Bank mousssanada Reconstruction and Development EBRD announced a plan to establish a new lending initiative, via local moussabada, to improve access to credit for smaller firms by July.

However the lack of skilled labour makes development slower than it needs to be and the number of young unemployed as elsewhere in the world has reached crisis proportions.

What are the main problems in the field of business transfers? The advance is to be paid back over a six year period, including a three-year grace period.

But above all, the two main issues lie in the human factor and the financing. That is, until recently. And, as the government is determined to foster the necessary economic changes, more regulatory, financial and fiscal measures in favor of business transfers are planned in the near future, like the upcoming creation of a new compartment in the marketplace, dedicated to SMEs, or the implementation of guaranteed loans for buyers.


Are there good opportunities for cross-border transfers of SMEs between Morocco and European countries? And as I said before, business transfers have a huge potential and thus constitute an appealing opportunity either for national or international buyers.

Moussanada focuses primarily on providing tools and guidance for SMEs in developing both strategy and organisation, as well as boosting their capacity for production processes,design, and research and development on an industry-specific level according to Oxford Business Group OBG.

An investment subsidy is thus granted to selected small and medium-sized companies. And considering the tight historical and economic bonds between Morocco and European countries, especially France and Spain, cross-border transfers are more than welcomed and feasible.

Yet the government has realised that entrepreneurship is a key element in growing the economy and finding jobs for young people is top priority in a country where youth unemployment in cities aiverages 30 per cent. The second issue concerns, as I said, the financing, or rather the lack of it: The crisis in Europe can be considered as an opportunity to consider differently the neighbours of the south bank where is Morocco.

The implementation of a business transfers barometer since is, as a matter of fact, an important initiative aiming at periodically analyzing the business transfers system in Morocco and its ins and outs, in order to come up with adequate and enhancing measures. To reduce the risks linked to business transfers To define the real opportunities of the business to be transferred To be a facilitator of the transfer process To help find the right buyer To support the company in having a strategic vision To guarantee the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and know-how To understand the strenghts and weaknesses of the transferred company and to highlight the possible opportunities To advise and support potential buyers in their buyout and development strategy To facilitate business transfer and match potential sellers and buyers It is also to be noted that from on, the partial or total buyouts, including in mergers and acquisitions operations, are now eligible for the Imtiaz programme, which will enable to better support such actions.

But we also need to build a statistical database, knowing that we mainly focus today on the qualitative analysis. The program aims to contribute to a steady decrease in the unemployment rate via the stimulation of the creation of wealth and job-creating businesses, taking into account the exigencies and specificities of regions. Morocco strives to become a regional investment and financial hub, thanks to its geographic and economic assets, and its business-friendly legal environment.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies launched two programmes which are designed to enable SMEs to obtain financial and advisory assistance. In the same section.


Morocco: Developing SME’s as an engine for growth.

Is there like joussanada Europe a lot of companies who should be for sale in the coming years due to ageing of the business owners? Could you explain the situation of transfers of SMEs in Morocco? The support of the politics to encourage and protect these partnerships is strategic to succeed apme this challenge. Could you first give us an overview of the situation of SMEs in Morocco? What are the support measures in Morocco for business owners likely to transfer their company on the one side and potential buyers likely to take snpme an existing business on the other side?

Moussanada Program aims at following through seven hundred companies in their endeavors to modernize and improve their productivity, in the framework of progress plans which comprise several follow-through actions.

Transeo – E-newsletter-5 focus moroccan market

As in most countries worldwide, SMEs form the majority of our national companies. The objective is to built a strong partnership win-win. Both, they can abpme the solution to strengthen their position which none of the two cannot make alone. These operations are much more the privilege of the large groups which often come alone and acquire the majority of shares.

Obviously, business transfers in Morocco do face the same kind of difficulties as in Europe.

The father decides which part of the family works into the family business. To conclude with, I would say that the major success indicator in our policy to structure and expand the business transfer system is to see these companies not only survive decades after, but to see them go from SMEs to grow big. A great part of our SMEs are family-run since their creation after the Independence in the s.

Transeo E-newsletter # 5: Focus on the Moroccan market

The advantages that are in place provide for the following: Functional programs are thus launched to improve productivity and to speed up the use of information technologies within firms, bringing about enhanced competitiveness factors, mojssanada terms of reduction in costs, shortening of lead-times, and improvement in the quality delivered.

Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane has asked Parliament for more time to tackle the many problems facing Morocco’s economy and there are no easy solutions. Invest in Morocco Mon guide. In order to support and develop private equity, including buyouts to overcome the funding issue in business transfers, a new regulatory framework of venture capital is under adoption.