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Is it possible to print XLS, HTML, or RTF reports using Apache FOP? If not, is there another open source or free print server that will do this?. “JFOR, an open source XSL-FO to RTF converter has been integrated into Apache FOP. This will create an RTF (rich text format) document that will attempt to. FOP can render to PDF as well as SVG, PS, RTF. The result of rendering with default font. Mar 22, AM

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Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)

Only Type 1 fonts are supported. PCL5c color extensions will only be implemented on demand.

SVG support is far from being complete. However, the characterset definition is now required within the afp-font element. Images are scaled up to the next resolution level supported by PCL 75,, dpi.

This will cause the borders to be painted as bitmaps. If you set this to true, no such background will be painted and you will get a transparent image if an alpha channel is available in the output format. Usually, “1” is the default tray, “2” is the manual paper feed, “3” is the manual envelope feed, “4” is the “lower” tray and “7” is “auto-select”. This means that the internal page index information is stored near the end of the document.


Email Required, but never shown. However we lost a couple of details. The renderers do not all have the same set of capabilities, sometimes because of the output format itself, sometimes because some renderers get more development attention than others.

The formatting objects to be rendered are then mapped to this grid. The include-page-segment extension element can only occur within a simple-page-master. The standardized successor to OpenOffice’s file format. It is also the most accurate with text and layout.

It apahce indeed cover a lot of the functionality we require. For color and grayscale images an even higher PCL resolution is selected to give the dithering algorithm a chance to improve the bitmap quality. Kindly suggest some alternative or solution…. Multiple tag-logical-element extension elements within a simple-page-master are allowed. Please help us improve this feature. Here is a list of possible values:.

Tim Dexter on March 28, Only Type 1 fonts are supported. Limitations Images and SVG may not be displayed correctly. Here is a list of possible values: No image transparency is available. The default value for the “transparent-page-background” setting is “false” which paints an opaque, white background for the whole image. The URI is still required as the underlying image serves as a provider for rtd intrinsic size of the image At the moment, FOP is unable to extract the intrinsic size of the page segment from an AFP resource file.


The value of fpo mandatory src attribute is compared against the value of the src attribute in fo: Ffop are the necessary steps using the command-line:. You can set this value to “false” to disable anti-aliasing and thus improve rendering speeds a bit at the loss of some image quality.

Multibyte characters are not supported.

Converting Word documents to XSL-FO (and onwards to PDF) – AMIS Oracle and Java Blog

Thanks to you all. It provides good support for apwche text and layout. Optional x and y attributes can be specified to place the Overlay at an offset from the top left of the page. Your page displays fine in Safari 1. K S Rajain 16 3. The name attribute is mandatory. RTF output is currently unmaintained and lacks many features compared to other output formats. Lucas Jellema, active in IT and with Oracle since It is possible to override these defaults, either qpache image see the afp: The include-page-segment extension element can only occur within a simple-page-master.

Jason Brice on April 12, Note that not all compression schemes may be available during runtime.