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Universal Hint System hints for Arcania: Gothic 4. The UHS shows you just the hints you need, unlike a traditional walkthrough. Arcania Gothic 4 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Arcania: Gothic 4 is the fourth entry in the Gothic series and was developed by Spellbound Entertainment. This is the second game in the series (after Gothic 3.

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He will ask to find him the documents. Challenge Erhag for a duel. Head out of Stewark and go to the northeast. You will level up and receive some updates and also walkyhrough a gate key. At the end of the road you will find Xesha. Wslkthrough completing these quests you will unlock the Champion of Silvertake Achievement. Gather as many healing items you can because the enemies in the next area are tough and too many.

Arcania: Gothic 4 Game Guide |

Dodge their attacks as they are slow. This is where the temple is. The path is straight forward. As you exit the arcqnia Zyra will be standing outside. Gothic 4 – Official Website. Reach the civilization and speak to Gilana. After moving it defeat the Rock Golem.


Exciting quests and challenging fights will be as much highlights as intrigue and betrayal.

Table of Contents

Help us expand itand you get a cookie. You can also buy equipment and other useful items from Murdra. In other words, please don’t use any part of this file in your own walkthrough, cheats, codes, or tips arccania permission. You will get the Kingmaker Achievement.

Your jop is to head towards the exclamation mark on the map. The Cave Move down the cave to the end. Gothic 4 Table of Contents Walkthrough. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Support your best equipment also you should have atleast 50 arrows for your long ranged bow.

JoWood – Publisher Website. You will trigger a boss battle with 2 Holy Guardians. The Deer Hunt Have a chat with Ivy. Once you defeat him you will complete the Jealous Farmer quest.

If you try and attack it. Select the area where you’re stuck and then keep clicking “Show Another Hint” to get the right level of help — anything from a small nudge to a full answer. Defeat him and free the Lord Gawaan. Go through the gate and gather the arcanja toadtools scattered in the area.


Move past it and find the key for the gate. Gothic 4 Guide Main Quests.

From this alley you will be able to get to into the castle. Use the map for directions. Gothic 4 is the fourth entry in the Gothic series and was developed by Spellbound Entertainment. Go to the afcania hideout west of the town and make your way in. Get ready for a quick fight.

Speak with the elements shrine and make your pick.

Defeat it and take the collar back to Gilana. Go back to the cave and go down the path.

ArcaniA Gothic 4 Walkthrough

Head walktbrough until you reach the guys guarding the bridge. You do not have to complete them but it is advised to do so in order to achieve many EXP point and some valuable items. Now its stag hunting time.