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Clouds (Focus Classical Library series) by Aristophanes. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure Clouds. by Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson. Jeffrey Henderson, noted Greek scholar, has translated into English one of Aristophanes’ greatest comedies. Offered with detailed notes and an enlightening . Jeffrey Henderson has 26 books on Goodreads with ratings. Three Plays by Aristophanes: Lysistrata/Women at the Thesmophoria/Assemblywomen by.

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He stresses rightly the optimism and upbeat atmosphere of Athens inand concludes pace Hubbard and Bowie that “everyone else — birds, humans, and even gods — are better off under his new regime than they had been under the old” Many the marvels I have seen the wonders on land and sea, but the strangest sight I ever saw was the weird Kleonymos-tree.

In the agon he does employ longer lines, but the translation, especially of the early exchanges, doesn’t catch the grandiose paratragedy of the Greek text. There is a rhythm of sorts and the alliteration in the second line will effect a nice delivery.

Essays in Interpretation by Jeffrey Henderson 0. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At xouthos hippalektryonusually “tawny horsecock”, is translated provocatively as “zooming horsecock” — see Dunbar on Birds for this meaning of xouthos — but see also Taillardat’s Les Images d’ Aristophane visual explanation of the joke as applied to a military official.

Comedy, unlike most other ancient genres, will be translated differently depending on the geographic location of the translator and his audience. Jeffrey Henderson Average rating 3. Aristophanes of Athens ca.

Clouds. Wasps. Peace

We would have to hear a chorus performing these lines to get the whole effect. Aristophanes’ Keffrey by Jeffrey Henderson liked it 3. Hebderson announced in his first volume that he has re-edited the text for the Loeb, and he has given us a sensible and mainly conservative text, avoiding daggers wherever he can. Books Available for Review. The note to could have been expanded to refer the reader to the scanty grain-doles mentioned at Wasps The introduction to Peace is the best of the three and firmly places the comedy within its historical setting.


Happily the balance has shifted dramatically in the s, with Lloyd-Jones’ Sophocles including the very useful volume of fragmentsKovacs’ Euripides more than halfway through with three out of five volumes now outand now the much awaited and much needed Aristophanes.

Many wondrous novelties have we overflown, and many amazements have we seen. Lysistrata by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson 3.

Clouds. Wasps. Peace — Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson | Harvard University Press

Reviewed by Ian C. Iambic trimeters are rendered as prose, but choral songs in the parabases and the anapests aristopphanes as those at Peace ff. At”Potter’s Field” is a nice try for Kerameikos, but the overtones of Judas Iscariot perhaps intrude too much. Birds is the fourth in Henderson’s fine series of one-volume translations for the Focus Classical Library, the others being AcharniansAirstophanes bothand Lysistrataa series I have found to be very useful and well suited as texts in my upper-year courses on comedy.

Aroly BalatonGy O. Jeffgey to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests. But I found excellent notes on both the historical and dramatic background to the play, especially n.

Books by Jeffrey Henderson (Author of Three Plays by Aristophanes)

Translations of Aristophanes inevitably need footnotes or endnotes or both to help readers with the unfamiliar allusions of comedy. Jeffrey Rusten Editor. Instructors or students looking jefffrey only one comedy by Aristophanes to include in a course on drama or myth or ancient literature would not go far wrong in making this their translation of choice. Clouds by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson Translator 3. Here we have been spoiled by Rogers with his rhyming anapests and internal echoes: Henderson’s newest entry certainly lives up to the standard which he has clousd in the earlier volumes.

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Henderson has done a very great service in bringing both the the text and the antique translations of Rogers up to date. Bryn Mawr Classical Review As for “speakability”, only the acid test of a production can answer that question. The student is nenderson rightly to read this play as “comedy” rather than as “satire”.

At times the Americanisms jarred a bit: Reviewed by Ian C. A few concerns about the text follow. Loebs cannot be commentaries, of course, but with an author like Aristophanes the reader clkuds be guided with notes of explanation and identification. To add more books, click here.

It had always been a problem with the Loeb Classical Library that many of its major authors had to be marked ” caveat lector “, and nowhere was this more true than for the Greek dramatists. Frogs by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 3.

Henderson provides brief but clear notes that will aristopjanes much for the novice, especially the splendid entry to on the parabasis proper. Understanding Leadership in Complex Systems: