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This article refers to the actual questions asked from interviewers across various organizations. We have divide the interview questions into various categories. 17 Sep Oracle ATG Interview Questions And Answers by tekslate are for both beginners and experienced professionals. Interview questions are filtered. ATG Interview Question & Answer. Preface This document is a quick handbook for ATG interview preparation. This document contains interview questions from.

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HandleX methods contain the actual function to be performed.

If errors occur in processing a form that uses GenericFormHandler, the errors are saved and exposed as properties of the form handler component. Other functions provided by these tags manage transactions and determine how data can be rendered within a JSP.

Sometimes a JOIN of multiple questionw into a single item descriptor. What Is Atg Nucleus? Phone interview with sales team – Spoke to 2 people. HEAD asking various process details.

Argue that Uber is expanding the overall transportation pie – allowing more people to make money, not taking their money. Express- Logged in user interviw information stored Guest- will enter all information shipping, billing, review steps and information is not saved Question 5.


Actually the list of servlets you will see depends on which modules you have running. HandleX methods contain the actual function to be performed.

Oracle ATG Interview Questions & Answers

Though the methods invoked by this form handler are processed discretely, but their results are saved simultaneously. ATG provides one method resolveName component agg we have to provide in GenericService class using it we can initialise the component.

Atg tag library is a variant of jsp standard tag library. Like in ProfileFormHandler- handleLogin.

ATG 7 is said quetions be a component-centric development platform. It would be easy to change from a relational data source to another or to an LDAP directory since none of the application logic would need quesfions change. They are there to evaluate the validity of form data before it is submitted, write data to and read data from a database or repository, and direct the user to different pages, depending on the results of the form submission.

Why is this the case and what would you do within the product to change that? A component is called in for returning the values of a search, so each time a search is triggered an object instantiation happens and its gone when the result page is closed.

Salesforce Lightning Training Learners.

ATG Interview Questions

What Are Custom Dsp Tags? Application I applied online.


Like in ProfileFormHandler- handleLogin. Mainly i used in my application level: On a particular rule set.

ATG Interview Questions | Glassdoor

There are many more reasons why this could be happening. What is the questionw of Dynamo Components? Negotiating qtg is not easy with this company. Which means the scope of the search component is request. The answer is because Uber is not allowed to pick up any many airports due to airport licensing regulations. Anyone has this excel file please? Questions surrounding college projects, excel skills and other behavioral questions.

Is DAS for high volume or low volume traffic?

The Best ATG Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

The job description includes a variety of tasks and responsibilities but I believe the Comm Ops Managers are heavily focused on intdrview resolution. That’s why the price surge on these days is an incentive for the drivers to work. It was brief about 30 minutes but I was invited to meet the team a few days later.