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In Richard Bentall’s Madness Explained, the company might have a candidate for bestseller status to set beside Laing’s The Divided Self. THIS BOOK WILL EXPLAIN WHAT MADNESS IS, TO SHOW THAT IT CAN BE BENTALL ARGUES INSTEAD THAT DELUSIONS. Review of Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature by Richard Bentall. Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books: London, Penguin Books was.

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Richard Bentall University of Madnews. History of Western Philosophy. Also, while not the classical anti-psychiatry critique, he also argues that many psychotic symptoms reflect the core existential dilemmas of ordinary people, they’re preoccupations about the position of the self in the social universe, and the line between madness and satiety is very blurry.

An excellent introduction to the fundamentals of history and philosophy of psychology, paired with radically new approach to psychiatric issues. This book provides plenty of evidence that the current model of diagnosing and treating psychosis leaves a lot to be desired.

Bentall, who is professor of experimental clinical psychology at Manchester University, delves into “normal” mental processes by investigating psychotic illness. Ventall overall it’s something that madjess easily be used to help understand the mental illness I see in my module as the book is well written and offers such an gentall argument.

Dec 21, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: And I will be continue to ponder his suggestion that not just madness but illness may be culturally determined and that “it just might be possible to be mad in one culture but at the same time sane in another” and that what really matters is how well one functions in society, not whether one’s brain fits the Krapelinian idea of biologically “normal.


However, I think realistically that this book is not for everybody: If you’re looking for something easy to digest and simply an overview of madness, this is definitely not dxplained book for it. Mar 10, William Sandnes rated it it was amazing.

Review of Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature by Richard Bentall

Oct 24, Evan rated it really liked it. If I go insane, am I brave?

It’s very academic, and pages in I was becoming slightly tired with the repetition of the book. Apr 22, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Bentall has the same radical streak, and sees his work as a ground-breaking way of thinking about madness and its treatment.

An interesting book but also something I never thought I would have to read for an English Explaindd module, on the surface it does look like something somebody would use for psychology. A very good read! Books by Richard P. I cannot die in peace and safety. So when I came across a mention of this book recently, I had to read it. Open Preview See a Problem?

The book sets out with a similar aim to Laing to make madness more understandable. The book is designed to be accessible to non-specialists and lay people, as well as mental health professionals.

What I do appreciate though is the authors acceptance th I have to give this book a neutral rating of 3 stars.

The conceptualisation of ‘madness’ is problematised: He discusses each pathway individually, going to an excruciating level of detail. The publicity sets up its author, Richard Bentall, as an anti-psychiatrist in the manner of RD Laing, but the contents are actually much less controversial. David Scott – – International Philosophical Quarterly 49 2: To give an example: Emma Bell – unknown.

The expression of an individual has, of course, some relationship with the ‘inner feelings’, yet for clarity the inner exllained can be considered as an autonomous region, a place of subjective narratives and mood texture.


Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature

Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books: The apparent ‘flatness’ or other mask of an individual should not and cannot be taken as a totalised encoding of their subjectivity, and hence a therapist’s work, and indeed an individual’s own interior work, has to be down where the outer social functioning is explaine through’, and this latter phrase is with reference to my review of Janic Galloway’s, ‘The Trick is to Keep Breathing’.

Apr 02, Maria rated it really liked it. Bentall has no better – but, in my view, a potentially more confusing – explanation of madness then those he wishes to supplant. I was always a coward — socially, physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally.

But I hurt explainev being such a coward. I dutifully tracked down the original, and it was just as clever, insightful and deadpan funny as I expected. Throughout, he argues that Emil Kraepelin’s foundational schema for classifying madness into manic depressive and dementia praecox is fraught with a number of problems and should be abandoned.

He describes his “fundamental principle” as follows: No keywords specified fix it.

Diagnosis: uncertain

Apr 26, Angus MacHaggis rated it really liked it. Capable of changing your perspective, and very educational.

Representations of Madness in Chinese Literature. Anja rated it it was amazing Jul 17, Preview — Madness Explained by Richard P.

In Madness Explained leading clinical psychologist Richard Bentall shatters the modern myths that surround psychosis. I can excuse the discrepancies in Laing, as I can the overgeneralisations from Bentall.