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If there ever was a hopeless case, it was that of Gottliebin Dittus, whose story this book tells. Because of a youthful involvement with magic, she became. Blumhardt’s Battle- Pt 1. Introduction The following is an edited version of Blumhardt’s Battle, published and copyrighted by Thomas E. Lowe. The Blumhardts became popular among some European theologians of what I was powerfully impacted by Blumhardt’s Battle in the s.

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Furthermore, she always saw the demons which were driven out for some time after in the room, especially the last one which appeared as the head over many. The only other thing I will mention is that even living animals came out of her mouth, but I never had opportunity to see them.

I would say that no one has heard what happened blumhatdts her. She made a horrible face which did not express anything but wrath and rage She clenched her fists and blumhaedts threatening motions at me. All my friends advised me blumhadrts leave the matter alone. Not until the end did I think that these things were worthy of observation and full of meaning although they lead once more into unheard of things.

The difference could be noted also in those demons which spoke out of her. At first I did not know blumharvts to do, but I collected myself and after a short, serious sigh of prayer the bleeding stopped for the time being. I did not dare to do so for a long time. Finally, the whole thing passed when with great force she thrashed repeatedly with both her arms on the bed.


The Narrow Path Ministries

This page was last edited on hlumhardts Novemberat But they were days the battlee of which I hope never to live through again. All her former illnesses which are well known to the doctors were completely healed. She did not move back into it until boumhardts middle of the following year.

I was aghast to realize that everything which thus far had been held among the most ridiculous popular beliefs stepped out of the world of fairy tales into reality. When she had come to, I comforted her and prayed some more with her and left orders when I departed that I was to be called in case the convulsions returned. I asked Him lbumhardts preserve me and others from all foolishness and errors into which one might be tempted to be implicated. What was heard was a frequently recurring trampling and scuffing in the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen.

It turned out more and more that a great change had taken place with the demons which had come to the fore. On the front part of her head above the forehead, I noticed something and soon a small, bent nail bored itself through.

battl The elder Blumhardt, pastor of a small Lutheran congregation, had involuntarily become a sensation throughout Europe due to a famous exorcism, which he reluctantly conducted upon a parishioner. I cannot really think it wrong if anybody is suspicious of the above report. In all of these and similar things the Name of Jesus overcame, sometimes only the mention of the promise in Mark 16 or the verse in Philippians 2.

Already seven times, she said, she had gone out, but now she would not go out any more. I highly recommend this to those who love God and want to read about victory. When she was on her deathbed her conscience bothered her a great deal and she confessed serious sins to me but found little peace before she died.


But soon after she had fainted. The demons always went out in batttle, mostly fourteen or twenty-eight each, or twelve each and so they seemed to go into the thousands without a word from me.

Therefore, all of the things we had found thus far pointed to the fact that sometime ago some black magic must at least have been attempted.

This was the decisive moment which pulled me into activity for the cause with irresistible power. She said that my good fortune had been that I had remained solely with the Word of God and prayer. Blumhardt’s Battle- Pt 2. With other spirits which identified themselves from then on, there seemed to be bsttle question of what was going to happen to them.

BLUMHARDT’S BATTLE A Conflict With Satan – Blumhardt, Christoph

However, she spoke only in general terms about her temptations so that I could not get anything worthwhile out of her. Now a significant period seemed to have begun.

Finally, the most moving moment came which no one can possibly imagine adequately who was not an eye and ear witness.