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Buy El Universo Elegante: Supercuerdas, Dimensiones Ocultas y Busqueda Teoria Final / The Elegant Universe (Spanish Edition) on Brian Greene (Author ). Readers’ questions about El universo elegante: Supercuerdas, dimensiones ocultas information about the same topic is The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene. El Universo Elegante by Brian Greene, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Initially I would say, “Don’t read this unless you are open-minded, fearless when it comes to the idea of ‘more, much, much more,’ etc Brian Greene’s enthusiasm is contagious though.

It took me almost two months to get through, but I learned a tremendous amount and came away in complete awe of the world and the forces at work in it today. Recall that the principle of relativity, which lies brisn the heart of special relativity, tells us that all physical elfgante must be the same regardless of the constant-velocity relative motion that individual observers might experience.

They showed that when these effects of the quantum frenzy are carefully accounted for, the net result is that the strengths of all three nongravitational forces are driven together. Since Green wrote his book string theory has come under intense scrutiny; despite this, I univerao still support this book on the basis that it is gorgeously written, based in fact many of the experiments and proofs were done by Greene himselfand incredibly informative.

Made to be understood by the common person, this book will expand your mind and open your eyes ell the wonderful mysteries that comprise our reality. This is certainly About the best book on the subject and by a mile.

El Universo Elegante – by Brian Greene – PDF Drive

I am not a physicist or a mathematician, just a programmer. In this sense, gravity enforces the symmetry: The middle section filled with technical ratiocination was the univerzo and slowest to read, especially because I don’t consider finishing the book without reading these chapters.

I left Christianity a few years ago and swore off religion altogether; however, after reading this book, string theory has become tantamount to religion in my life. To do that, we have to imagine all of the possible timelines which could have unierso from our big bang joined to all of the possible endings for our universe a concept which we often refer to as infinity univverso, and treat them all as a single point.


Readers who have not discovered Greene should no waste one minute more!

Normally, it would be difficult to recommend a decade-old popularization in this field because the rapid pace of new uhiverso makes every book almost instantly passe, but Greene’s warehousing of contemporary theories remains fairly comprehensive and, more importantly, exciting. He doesn’t try to teach you math but to show you through easy every-day-examples the concepts behind Einstein, Standardmodell and String-Theory.

Describes complex and abstract mathematical concepts in an intuitive manner. Probably the best book on quantum physics that has ever been written.

El Universo Elegante : Brian Greene :

So, for us, a point in the seventh dimension would be infinity — all possible timelines which could have or will have occurred from our big bang. This book makes basic problems in modern cosmology seem intelligible, even if you can’t begin to do the math, and it makes theoretical astrophysics surprisingly emotional. This all felt a bit overwhelming to me and I had to keep going back to listen to things greenne and over.

Gravity is carried by ripples in the familiar three space dimensions, while electromagnetism is carried by ripples involving the new, curled-up dimension. Greene does a good job of explaining the basics of it. Leo Navis It is described very easily, actually.

Green wants your full attention. So, at first sight, string theory appeared to be awash in its own quantum-mechanical hot water.

I did enjoy the book enough to give it a 5-star rating because I do believe it was amazing. Quotes from L’universo elegan E’ un Universo liquido E’ un Universo difficile, lavoro duro e destino incerto.

I was in high school and I didn’t get much out of the quantum and string theory bits, but the relativity blew my eleyante. Want to Read saving…. In any case, the relativity univerxo simultaneity in modern physics is generally understood to cast serious doubt on presentism and to favor the view known as four dimensionalism closely related to the idea of block time in which past, present and future events all coexist in a single spacetime.


This is a MUST-READ for anyone fascinated in how cutting-edge theoretical physics is trying to bridge quantum physics with general relativity in the quest for unification.

Get to know this reality. In this sense, through the inclusion of gravity, general relativity ensures that all possible observational vantage points are on equal footing. We can imagine folding the fourth dimension through the fifth, jumping back through time and space to get there. Is this book worth a bruan The systematic testing of theories to greater and greater levels of accuracy is, certainly, one of the ways science progresses, but it is not the only way.

This theory suffers from lack of experimental evidence, but rests solely on mathematical calculations.

El Universo Elegante –

However, he does his best to make things as simple as possible for the reader. Just a moment while we sign you in to briam Goodreads account. But I must say this: And we three-dimensional human beings would seem very strange indeed to a Flatlander.

People with previous knowledge about math and physics would probably find this easier or even entertaining, instead of tax This book has very high entropy, inundated with heavy information compiled compactly into a book of elegant language not pretentious like Sense and Sensibilitythough the analogies do help a lot.

And this means that a two-dimensional Flatlander traveling down the line we just drew would end up back nrian they started without ever feeling like they had left the second dimension. E,egante smaller than a cell? Thanks for telling us about the problem. In other words, all possibilities are univereo within the tenth dimension, which would appear to be the concept we have just built for ourselves as we imagined the ten dimensions, built one upon another.