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This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Chickamauga by Ambrose Bierce. Influenced by his time as a first lieutenant in the US Civil. Complete summary of Ambrose Bierce’s Chickamauga. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Chickamauga. Story of the Week June 23, Ambrose Bierce, “Chickamauga”. Ambrose Bierce (–?) From Ambrose Bierce: The Devil’s Dictionary, Tales.

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Slightly higher rating since I just visited those woods and the effect is powerful. Severe notion of pretty hackneyed topic of chickmauga Civil War, narrated with unexpected perspective.

Models for writing and producing classroom plays.

There are some details explained later in the story that explain the actions of the first half. Kinda crazy, but pretty good. This is represented through the image of the mother, whose brains are leaking from her skull after being raped by a gang of soliders. I am not too stupid to get the meaning from it.

The sardonic view of human nature chickaauga informed his work — along with his vehemence as a critic, with his motto “nothing matters” — earned him the nickname “Bitter Bierce. The kits were designed for use with language arts students in 6th grade through adult levels. Even though I knew and I still know that this story wasn’t about zombies in the Civil War, I was truly creeped out by the perspective of the six-year old and the shambling near-corpses and the discovery that his mom was part of a charred ruin.


When used cuickamauga whole- class read-along, the kits solve the age-old problem of some students not reading the assignment. Wasn’t my taste or style.

Keep up to date with Library of America news and events.

To say more would spoil it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He encounters soldiers that are completely bierec and near death after a Civil War battle Battle of Chickamauga. The boy then notices an orange glow in the distance and hears the sound of battle and off he heads in that direction.


Suddenly he realizes that what is burning around him is his own home, which was hit by a shell, and he notices the mutilated corpse of his mother in the grass. You’ll hear no gunshots.

I’ve arranged my thoughts into a haiku: I’m sure it was meant to elicit that response, and it did. Dec 18, Althea Ann rated it it was ok. The sardonic view of human nature that informed his work — along bierve his vehemence as a critic, with his motto “nothing matters” — earned him the ni Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist and satirist.

Is it meant to covey something? He is believed to have traveled to Mexico to gain a firsthand perspective on that country’s ongoing revolution.

I started wondering, though, when the boy got on the back of one man and was flung off. Ring-boundpages. If you haven’t read it, you either plan to or know the plot. Anna Hardy rated it it was amazing. The innocence woven into civil war cruelty was well done, and shocking. The contrast in how the boy sees what is happening with the adult’s understanding of the horror involved is striking, and memorable. And the descriptions are downright grotesque: Undaunted, the little boy pushes vierce way into the wilderness but when he encounters a rabbit, he is so afraid that he takes to his heels.


This was a haunting story. A truly horrid, nauseatingly vivid little story, which crams in every possible terror for the brief length: It really didn’t work for me – I found it too over-the-top and contrived.

Chickamauga – Wikipedia

Had picked this up expecting a discussion of the Civil War battle but found instead it is a 12 page 99 cent short story written in Apr 13, Larry Wang rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a profoundly moving story about how in war there are no heroes. The boy strays too far and becomes lost.

I didn’t like it. The others are also badly w Almost hate to take credit for a “book”! After I read the end, I reread and it all snapped together for me and I loved it.