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Distracted. Lisa Loomer. Author bio(s). ISBN: Full Length Everyone is distracted, even the actors—they’re breaking character! A hilarious. Distracted, the new socially conscious dramedy from Lisa Loomer now receiving its world premiere at the Mark Taper Forum, is largely about. In a narrow sense, Lisa Loomer’s “Distracted” is about a married It was as if he had stepped out of Loomer’s script, a living illustration of her.

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The ending of the play kind of just “happens” not a lot gets resolved but ends on a little hopeful note.

Distracted is not about mental disorders in any way. The second reviewer said that it tries to appeal to a younger audience. What’s wrong with nine-year-old Distractedd

Lisa Loomer’s ‘Distracted’? Attention must be paid – The Boston Globe

Distracted Acting Edition for Theater Productions. Books by Lisa Loomer.

Mary rated it really liked it Jun 30, Loomer does that in a fresh, arresting, and persuasive fashion. The humor is very effective, but the “serious” and dramatic part of the play is a little uneven; sometimes it’s effective and sometimes it falls flat with me. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Maritza rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Don’t we all have ADD, to some degree? Medication is seen as a detriment and a cause for more problems, such as when Jesse in Act Two is described as “rather like a zombie” or when he says “It makes me feel like I’ve got bugs inside!


Tagged in this Story. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. It’s become nearly impossible to create any personal sense of peace and harmony when we’re constantly being bombarded with the visual and aural vulgarities of news reports, phone solicitations, pop-up ads, profanity-laden music, overtly sexual advertising, and neon-laced billboards.

Emily rated it it was amazing Oct 25, That is distractec far from the truth as you can get. Selected pages Title Page. The play feels overstuffed, as if Loomer herself fell victim to the perils of multitasking or took the notion of content dictating form a bit too literally.

The last thing he says that shows he clearly doesn’t understand the play is that it “Misses the point by not having smartphones bu a role. Also, Distracted came out in when smartphones were still pretty new, and the ongoing debate of how big a distraction smartphones are is more recent.

Set and projection designer Elaine J.

Subscribe to The Boston Globe today. Foglia presented Brechtian fourth-wall-breaking side by side with television [End Page ] style naturalism.

He says that none of the characters are relatable and he’s right, in the same way that nazis can’t relate xcript a movie about a group of jews during the Holocaust. Disfracted Reilly rated it really liked it Jan 16, The audience entered to a wall of television monitors—channels surfing at random—showing news, sports, popular programs, and so on that were growing progressively louder and faster.

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That home, designed by Sara Brown, is sleek and antiseptic, with blond-colored furnishings. Jesse is a very relatable character because he struggles with things many people with adhd struggle with, including myself. Shannon rated it really liked it Nov 27, Jul 05, Kelsey rated it it was ok. This guy needs to speak for himself. Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Distracted – Acting Edition by Lisa Loomer

In a meeting with his parents, his teacher Michelle Dowd spells out the disruptions he causes in school. Its largely about adhd, which is a neurodevelopmental disorder, not a mental disorder you bigot.

Elaine McCarthy’s set, Russell Champa’s lighting, and Jon Gottlieb’s sound design were certainly effective in creating the world that Loomer’s script envisions.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Account Options Sign in. It also creates some shallow and somewhat stereotypical characters- the pro-pill popping neighbor, the homeopathic doctor who thinks cutting out wheat will cure ADHD, the exhausted teacher who lis wants the kid to sit still at any cost, and the dad who insists ‘boys will be boys. Nicole rated it really liked it Nov 19, And his parents’ marriage is in peril.

Laura rated it liked it Jun 09,