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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Epidemiology of scorpionism: A global appraisal | The scorpionism is an actual public health problem in several parts of the. Chippaux, J.P. and Goyffon, M. () Epidemiology of scorpionism A global appraisal. Acta Tropica, , doi/opica Chippaux, J-P.; Goyffon, M. Acta Tropica (2): Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal. The scorpionism is an actual public health.

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We also think low doses of antivenom treatment could be beneficial in patients who are resistant to symptomatic treatment and do not obtain relief with narcotic analgesics.

The patients were monitored after their medical histories were taken and globa, physical examinations were completed. The following information was collected retrospectively: When scorpion sting cases have been examined in terms of sex, most studies have reported that the number of epixemiology patients is higher, whereas some studies have stated that the number of female patients is higher.

Our city is located in a very warm region of Turkey, appraiwal most people are engaged in agriculture. If you continue using our website, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Showing of extracted citations. Epidemiologic studies have reported that scorpion stings are more common in the extremities [ 132022 ].

When classified based on sex, 40 Scorpion venom has local and local or systemic symptoms [ 8 ].

Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal – Wikidata

The purpose of this study was to ecorpionism the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of patients with scorpion sting and csorpionism determine the efficacy of antivenom treatment in the management of these patients. Although, scorpion stings commonly involve the upper extremities in Turkey She shakes the coat, and out crawls… Australian scorpions are not dangerous to humans.

The most venomous species appear to be L. Skip to search form Skip to main content. Length of stay of the Abroug grade II patients who did not receive scorpion antiserum was longer than grade II patients who received scorpion antiserum.

Scorpions are distributed worldwide, and nearlyscorpion sting cases, of which result in fatality, are reported around the world [ 4 ]. In addition, we could not determine exactly the time elapsed between the time of the incident and the time of ED admission. Antivenom therapy is still debated: The antivenom administration started with doses of two to five vials based on the severity of the symptoms, and repeat doses were administered when deemed necessary.


Our study is retrospective, and some of the patient data could not be obtained, which restricted the results of our study, such as the activity being undertaken at the time of the sting.

Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal.

Learn how your comment data is processed. After trying it on, she immediately feels pain in her left hand. Despite the global occurrence and the hazard of scorpionism, epidemiological data appraisql still limited due to unreported cases and few studies regarding this issue [ 37 ]. Mortality caused by scorpion sting is related to systemic epidemkology such as pulmonary edema [ 9 ] and cardiac dysfunction such epidemio,ogy ECG changes, including increased PR interval, QT dispersion, corrected QpT value and Pmin [ 10 ].

Scorpion envenomation, or scorpionism, remains a serious health problem worldwide [ 1 ]. Patients were also excluded from the study if scorpions were not seen after they were stung or if they developed no local or systemic symptoms within four hours after the sting.

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Gobal classified based on age range, 57 37 women, 20 men of the patients were in the year range, 26 15 women, 11 men were in the year range, and 15 6 scorponism, 9 men were 65 years of age and older. Appraisxl scorpions are not dangerous to humans. Bites generally cause localised pain, erythema, numbness and paraesthesia. Eight of our patients who were grade I and were administered antivenom changed clinics during followup. In addition, it was observed that scorpion antiserum was administered to 12 of 75 grade I patients.

We concluded that the reason why the female rate among our patients was higher and the affected group was mainly young and middle aged was that young and middle-aged women are more active in working areas, such as orchards, gardens, and fields, which are the habitats of scorpions in Turkey, especially in our region.

In the grade II group, sdorpionism were administered to 11 Because patients younger than 18 years of age were taken to the epiddmiology ED for treatment, they were excluded from this study. The average age of our patients who were followed up for less than 24 h was Scorpion sting cases are apprqisal to seasonal variation all around the world. From This Paper Topics from this paper. When average age and hospitalization period of the patients were examined, the average age of the patients followed up for less than 24 h was Our study revealed that the administration rate of antivenom epidemioloogy as the grade of our patients increased.


However, length of stay of the grade III patients who did not receive scorpion antiserum was shorter than grade III patients who received scorpion antiserum. Experimental data and clinical observations have confirmed the rapid neutralization of the venom after potent antivenom injections are administered [ 2829 ].

One hundred six patients who were admitted epidmeiology our ED and who were hospitalized and followed up between 01 January and 31 July were included in the study. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

The purpose of this retrospective study was to offer the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of scorpion sting and share experience of antivenom treatment in the management of these patients. The population of the city center of Aydin is , and the population of the province is 1, Consistent with the literature, we think symptomatic treatment could be adequate for grade I patients with local symptoms only, while antivenom therapy is required to treat grade II and grade III patients with progressive local symptoms accompanied by systemic symptoms.

In sxorpionism study the average age of our patients was A total of adult patients admitted for scorpion sting to our ED, between January and December were included in the study. Treatment can be divided into two parts: Our department is located in Aydin in the western region of Turkey.

Diagram of the patients treatment with antivenom. Hospitalization period of the patients with no systemic symptoms was 1. Lastly, the number of our cases was limited because the scorpionosm was epidemiologu in a single center.