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rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the Act. Click to View Complete PDF File of Implementing Rules and Regulation for Republic Act No. Proposed Amendments to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act , Otherwise known as the “Electric. RA EPIRA-IRR. February 27, Rules and Regulations to Implement Republic Act No. , entitled “Electric Power Industry Reform Act of “.

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The energy industry has also met challenges recently, with the suspension of four ERC Commissioners for extending the implementation of the CSP Resolution to 30 April Font Size A A A.

Also worth noting are certain private entities that perform key functions for the Philippine power industry:. On the basis of the data submitted by the distribution utilities, the ERC shall issue the Certificates of Contestability.


InRepublic Act No. Editor Karen B Fpira. Reference is made to the oil and natural gas industries where relevant. As a result, the second part of the book has five chapters that focus on financing. On 22 Decemberthe DOE adopted the Rules and Guidelines Governing the Establishment of the RPS for On-Grid Areas, 90 which prescribes that the share of electricity coming from renewable energy resources shall be based on the aspirational target of 35 per cent in the generation mix by Entities engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity are required to secure a franchise and a certificate of public convenience and necessity prior to operation.

Also created under the EPIRA was the National Transmission Corporation TRANSCOa government-owned and controlled corporation that assumed the power transmission functions of the NPC, including the authority and responsibility for the planning, construction and centralised operation epirq maintenance of ancillary services. The Islamic Finance and Markets Review.

THE Department of Energy DoE is soliciting comment on draft amendments to the implementing rules and regulations IRR of the law that restructured the energy sector, which privatized power generation, transmission and distribution.


Inthe RE Act, was passed into law to establish a framework to accelerate the development and advancement of renewable energy resources, and the development of a strategic programme to increase its utilisation.

Energy dep’t seeking stakeholder comment on draft EPIRA IRR amendments

Power supply contracts that have not yet been filed for the approval of the ERC following the effectivity of the CSP Resolution must first undergo a competitive selection process before they can be accepted by the Epia. To provide for rules and regulation governing the downstream natural gas industry, the Eplra has issued Department Circular No.

Multinational companies make business plans based on the laws and regulations of the countries in which they are headquartered and have manufacturing facilities as well as the countries in which they distribute and sell their products. The ERC has not yet prescribed a specific form of competitive selection process.

Open access and retail competition for the epirs market of 1MW minimum users have been implemented since June Some in the industry have already started to worry that by reducing capital expenditures the seeds of a future price shock are being sown.

Philippines – The Energy Regulation and Markets Review – Edition 7 – The Law Reviews

The business of power generation by itself is not subject to foreign ownership limitations; it is not considered a public utility operation and therefore is not considered a nationalised activity that requires epirz national franchise. Mining is global but the business of financing mining exploration, development and — to a lesser extent — production is concentrated in a few countries, Canada and the United Kingdom being dominant. Inthe regulation of the natural gas industry was entrusted by the President of the Republic to the DOE, 14 which promulgated Department Circular No.

The ERC is also directed to promulgate rules and regulations governing electricity suppliers on their conduct of abuse of market power, cartelization and other anti-competitive and discriminatory behavior. The NGCP was also awarded the legislative franchise, with a term of 50 years to engage in the business of conveying or transmitting electricity through the high-voltage backbone system of interconnected transmission lines, substations and related facilities.


The DoE sought to strengthen the technical capability and financial viability of ECs by conducting an annual institutional, technical and financial audit of all electric cooperatives, and require and enforce a compliance plan. The development of significant solar power projects has substantially contributed to the growth of the renewable energy sector.

Both the oil and natural gas industries are subject to regulation by the DOE. Distribution utilities are required to submit accurate information on contestable customers that have accounts with the epia utilities to the ERC and the Central Registration Body on a monthly basis. The Private Competition Enforcement Review. The area should be connected to the main grid subject to the approval of the ERC.

Generation companies submit generation offers, and customers their demand bids for each trading interval of each trading day of the week.

Persons intending to supply electricity to end-users reaching the prescribed minimum threshold of monthly average peak demand are required to secure a licence from the ERC. In seeking this approval, it must be shown that the distribution utility is unwilling or unable to adequately service the power requirements of such end user 46 in deference to the franchise held by the distribution utility covering such area.

Much of the mining sector continues to emerge from a lengthy down-cycle. However, the motion for reconsideration against the suspension order remains unresolved.