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The Persecutor (alternatively titled Forgive Me Natasha or Sergei; known as El Esbirro in Spanish) is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov. It details his early . Forgive Me, Natasha by Sergei Kourdakov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. According to Wikipedia, the book was translated into at least fourteen different languages, sometimes titled, Forgive me, Natasha. Millions of.

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Aug 18, Anzhelika rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He was invited to live with a family who had known his mother.

UE made the other fifty. On May 1,Kourdakov joined Underground Evangelism [7] and moved to California where he moved in kourxakov a family that had heard his story and offered him a place to stay. Retrieved from ” https: Dear Caroline, It seems to me that Sergei may have wanted to protect his actual victims and accomplices, and so he used names in the book of dorgive he knew or knew of but that could never be traced into the activities he reports.

What harm can you do to yourself? When Alex demanded that he get out of the way, Victor said, “Alex, I’m telling you, don’t touch her! Oh September 3,while a naval officer, he defected t Sergei Kourdakov was a young defector from the Soviet Union who was born on March 1, You are commenting using your Twitter account.


During this time he began to display many rapid eye blinks, suggesting stress.

The Persecutor by Sergei Kourdakov

Even from his childhood he was taught the best way to break people. As this witness hears the account, he can be seen shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Click here for the transcript of the second segment. I believe he was VERY sincere about his account.

Forgive Me, Natasha : Sergei Kourdakov :

Due to the boy’s own Christian beliefs, he was nicknamed “the Deacon”. He asked for prayer. One thing Christianity is about is being a good servant to the Lord by being good to others.

Jun 25, Mindy Williams kohrdakov it really liked it.

We call them Believers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

At the end of the documentary, you are shown listening to your pastor talk about believing and having faith, and he seemed cultish in light of what you had experienced. Interview 5 — Vladimir Zelenyov. For much of the last year of school, he focused on pushing and improving the League as much as he could, hoping to make it the most successful one in his districta position that was indeed awarded to it during the judging of Leagues, which happened annually.

In a review Albert W. They believe inside, and to root this belief from their hearts is a very difficult task. There was also a good dose of questions that ridiculed the Bible. Christians need to be a little bit more sceptic to what other people say — whether believers or not.


The Persecutor

Soon the trawler was close enough to Los Angeles so that the city’s lights could be seen on the horizon. Their literature was taken away and most of it burnt — Bibles which had been smuggled in, or copied out by hand.

Another part of Kourdakov’s job was to prepare reports and record the names of all of the Believers caught, to be entered into foegive nationwide database in Moscow. I liked that Kourdakov saw the examples of the believers, especially Natasha, and eventually joined Christianity. Kourdakov was so amazed with the city that he stated later that his “eyes almost popped out as I looked at the cars and nice homes.

Found this book as a child and remember not putting it down until I finished it On January 1,Kourdakov was found dead by a gunshot to the head at a motel in California.