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My initial impression of floor plan manager was that standard FPM ABAP Web Dynpro’s provided by SAP such as ESS/MSS (fite_vc*) are really good and. What is FPM? Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a Web Dynpro ABAP application that provides a framework for developing new Web Dynpro ABAP application. Goals Developing and configuring Web Dynpro ABAP applications that are based on the Floor Plan Manager (FPM) framework Audience Developers of Web .

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You will now be presented with the following create screen with all the relevant details filled in. I have just added a caption element with ‘This is the Second View’ as the text value Now embed this new view into the new window as described in the hello world tutorial.

Now add a UI element say text view here. Do it for all the fields and click on SAVE. Permalink Oct 12, Steps to be followed: Use information on this site at your own risk.

June 11, at 7: It will add the group1 under Form and you can name it. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post.


You will receive the success message. Great effort Rahul, you have made it simple, thanks for sharing!!!

– Getting started with Floor Plan Manager

Nothing about creating one seemed straightforward, there didn’t seem to be any massive advantage and it seemed to be a different way of doing things to standard ABAP Wen Dynpro. The link to this comes later and hopefully this distinction will help with understanding. Add Second synpro to GAF based floor plan manager application. Click here to continue Create a Web Dynpro Application and specify parameters according to which floorplan instance you are using. Very cool eLearning, but when I run the flash demo, how do you pause the video?

Floor Plan Manager (FPM) for Web Dynpro ABAP

Just click on TEST. As it is now, I have to stop and restart from beginning to be able to review a certain portion. Now right click on Windows and create a new Window. They are not working anymore for some time.

You will see below information. March 13, at 1: Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime abqp most annoying! April 15, at 6: Permalink Nov 04, Open any of the PO by clicking on it. May 25, at 9: That would be ideal.


Enter transport details, description and press OK. Permalink Sep 29, Permalink Oct 17, March 4, at 8: Permalink Mar 22, Transient behavior means that UIBBs, which are not visible, can be removed from memory to increase the performance and the memory footprint of the application.

They should be able to help you with this. OIF will let you create a tabbed application; tabs will contain different views from a single or multiple components.

This Video shows how to integrate List Reporting when developing an application.

The second tutorial enhances the application creation Tutorial 1 by adding a second View displaying the list of the current workprocesses. Hi Gayatri, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Nice document very hepful I get the error: Problems opening the tutorials?