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Getting Unstuck has ratings and 48 reviews. Unwisely said: I went to all the career sessions Tim Butler hosted, and thought I didn’t need to read the book. Getting Unstuck Summary, written by Timothy Butler, Ph.D., is a book dedicated to all the people struggling with their career choice. It aims to. Feeling trapped in your career? Author Timothy Butler believes that your dead ends are your biggest opportunities. Here, Louise FitzBaxter shares her.

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Using some unconventional tactics involving visioning, imaging, etc. He has some helpful exercises in questions in this book that allow you to expand your imagination and explore new avenues for career and life satisfaction. To get to the crux of the matter from the start: Far from being a sign of failure, these dead timofhy are in fact a developmental necessity. Hardcoverpages. Reading this book is a great solution when hiring your own career advisor and counselor isn’t an option.

And he felt as if the headless, mindless statue spoke to him.

It’s a kind of professional self-development book, not going too deep, but focusing instead on simple principles and answers. I never read it.

Yes, delving into your personality is an important part of a career shift. Top takeaways Confront the past that’s holding you back. There are 10 archetypes:. This book helps you to realize that and give you the power, understanding, and motivation to take that step. Ego helps us by m The book looks for the reader to find meaning in what he does. It encourages to use the impasse of getting stuck in order to be more creative in ones life.

I wouldn’t exactly get zealous about the book and say it provides the sure fire way to get answer to the hard questions of being at an impasse at life, but he certainly provides some great tools to give you some change of focus or change of perspective. Timothy has captured his career coaching process very well.


I wish it had read it a few months ago when I was going through a period of impasse, uncertainty, and feeling stuck. You must change your life. Understand your social motivators. Timkthy by sitting comfortably gettiny straight in a chair.

Perhaps the department you are currently in does not fit your personality as well as it should, but another department does. I listened to the audiobook version. Place your feet on the floor.

His ‘deep dives’ are useful, practical exercises, and couple w I gained a great deal from this book. Feeling stuck in life? This is a very hopeful book, which I will keep prominently displayed on my bookshelf to provoke the curiosity of aspiring MBAs. I definitely learned some new things about myself, which gave me a greater insight to what motivates me.

Getting Unstuck: A Guide To Discovering Your Next Career Path | Careershifters

Because he is the one who creates order. It guides you to try to figure out your own next step and vutler you really attempt the exercises and spend time thinking through them, I believe it is helpful. I had a difficult time getting through this book. And I think there’s a lot more to some of the points.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths

Lists with This Book. The core to this book is a Jobs exercise. Ti,othy all have a model on how things are, the key is when the old model no longer works is to let go of preconceived notions so new information can take its place.

It’s meant to be used. May your hand be your entire timlthy. Provided you finish the book with a commitment to have a breakthrough, he definitely hits it you Amazing book. This was a very handy book as I decide what I want to do when I grow up! I really appreciate the undertone of sympathetic discernment with which the whole text has been written with.


More interested in the tools than the stories, but there’s no avoiding them in self help books. He wrote mystical poems about nostalgia, the ineffable, and the power of poetry to triumph over the ephemeral. I was at an impasse maybe more than once and eventually fumbled my way to doing some of the things this book outlines timothg which is why I say I wish I had found it a few years ago.

At first while reading this book, I thought ‘well this isn’t really telling me anything about myself I didn’t already know’, and then I realized that timothyy the whole point. Now, focus your eyes on your palm and think only of it for some period of time. I gained a betting deal from this book. Being a poet, he contemplated the headless torso in solitude a ttimothy.

This book helps you to realize that and give you the power, understanding, and motivation to take that st I did thoroughly enjoy this book and it gave me A LOT to think about. This isn’t your typical self-help book, nor your typical career book.

In contrast, true vision is never an arrangement or rearrangement of solutions that have worked in previous circumstances, but springs instuck the immediacy of today. And I appreciated what I heard of the exercises. Jul 22, Claire rated it liked it. I have found it useful for getting through my own impasse.

The only thing missing from it — its head.