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Er ist wieder da has ratings and reviews. Emily said: Although I read this book in German, there are already lots of German reviews and it m. Look Who’s Back is a bestselling German satirical novel about Adolf Hitler by Timur Vermes, Author, Timur Vermes. Language, German . “Ha, ha, Hitler”. Buy Ha Vuelto by Timur Vermes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Scientology and the Aftermath. The part inhabited by us. The problem is that we have Hitler has the main character, and the solutions for the problems we face, are not solved with his drastic measures, thank God! Is this book pro-Hitler?

Er ist wieder da by Timur Vermes

The very essence of the object is to deceive! Letitia Lew Super Reviewer.

The wounds have mostly healed, the current young generation is far enough apart from this history to still feel connected to it, and therefore to feel the duty to think about it, while being far enough apart from it to not timut the emotional ballast of the older generation. My grandmother was born in in northern Germany, my grandfatherequally in nothern Velto. He is beaten up by far-right extremists who think he is mocking the memory of Hitler, unaware that he is the genuine article.

I have timut idea what they are talking about. It should delight you to know that I designed a lot of Germania, of course, the war has torn down most of my handiwork but here and there some have survived. This book may read “funny”, but vuleto make a somewhat likable comic figure of the most cruel mass murderer the 20th century has seen is not only tasteless but dangerous.

Ohne Krieg, ohne Partei, ohne Eva. And I think I am finding vedmes point when I look at some of the negative reviews. And that is also what it does not manage to be. View all 19 comments. They’ll believe in us when we’re dead. By the time the world realised the depths of the depravity of this madman, it was too late. What would happen if Hitler woke up in present day Germany? And don’t even get me started in anti-semitism, that deserves a whole school subject. Aware that something is fading which should not, which we the people should keep alive.


Look Who’s Back, by Timur Vermes. In The Sydney Morning Heraldvvuelto Jason Steger interviewed the book’s author, who believes that the way Hitler is seen today “is one that hasn’t too much to do with the real one”.

Does the humour in this book make Hitler look good? Even further below all of the jokes on our modern living was a much stronger satirical criticism on celebrity culture and the problems with idolising people you don’t know. So I guess there are parallels you can draw with …more This book is mainly critiquing our culture’s tendencies to idolise celebrities, whoever they may be.

Aren’t we vueltl glad that Hitler died all those years ago? But he didn’t, and so I didn’t. The title translates as “He’s Back” and it’s about Hitler, uvelto mysteriously reappears in Berlin in and becomes a TV star. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: We are reflecting on ourselves. Well, I think I’m kind of done here. Though understandably perplexed by his situation, Hitler quickly adapts and is mistaken as a Hitler impersonator, the most dedicated method actor who never breaks character.

The book Wickedly wicked and with a fresh perspective on communication, on perceptions about the world we live in. But maybe not such a different one in many respects.

Look Who’s Back (Er Ist Wieder Da)

But still, many positive reviews stay quite close to the actual book, and ask themselves whether Hitler may have been a talk-show host, or would indeed be able to side with the Green party. Over and over again. The novel warns us that it is all the more possible in modern society, with the vastly improved means of propaganda at its disposal. However, here we find modern society evaluated in the light of Nazi values celebrity culture and the ethics of journalism, for exampleand we sometimes find ourselves agreeing with Hitler!


Please don’t lift them to your shoulders and allow them to put a chokehold on you.

Therefore, the murder of countless Jews, homosexuals and people who disagreed or disobeyed the ruling of the Nazi can all be justified, as long as the general public is in agreement with these things and, in the name of the greater good. Gesellschaftskritik aus der Sicht des im This novel is obviously not for everyone, but I vermess enjoyed every moment I read it, even if it was unsettling how much I liked it.

The question many people ask is this: Lars Rudolph as Kiosk owner. Want to Read saving…. View all 27 comments. There’s still the issue that not everything Hitler says is wrong: But mind youthis vuelot something to already be there in the reader: Oder das, was geschehen ist, war keine Schweinetat, sondern der Wille eines Volkes. At least I never heard anyone not using it for mocking purposes, and it’s vermew, yeah Adolf Hitler was in the time of – Trust me, I tried.

Vermees, Vermes managed to grasp Hitler’s style so wonderfully, it could be Hitler himself writing, were it not for the lesson in it.

Abschnitt – Kapitel xxi. Er beschreibt das Deutschland so, wie er es wahrnimmt, alles durch seinen eigenen Filter.