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Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic. Assemblies. IPC J-STD- E April Supersedes Revision D February IPC J-STDE April Supersedes Revision D February JOINT INDUSTRY STANDARD Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic. ANSI/IPC J-STDE Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies [IPC] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ANSI/ IPC.

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End joint width 6. Sign up for Practical Components e-mails and receive:. I am able to start a project in less then 24 hours with no hassles. For operator comfort and solderabil? Lead diameter is less Ihan diameler or slde length 01 the solder land Note 3: Your hard work and dedication to great customer service was reflected in the large showing of customers at your anniversary party.

For international orders import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price nor shipping charges. See Syd 4Table 7.

A system is in place to initiate corrective aclion for the occurrence of process iodicators. All leads shall [] h stress relief when the component is clipped or adhesive mounted or otherwise constrained. The acceptance criteria shall [N IN2D3] have user agreemelll. Not bridge between the substrale and the bottom of radial leaded components. Base ‘ Accept Defect Wire violates minimum Defect electrica l str. Lower guide slol 3.

PC016-J-STD-E-IPC-Hand Soldering Certification Kit

Does not violate minimum electrical clearance Note 2: After soldering operations have been perfonmedlhe assembly shall [D I] be sufficienlly cooled so the solder is solidified prior to further handling 4.


They offer great value to the customer; they are willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy. Solder may compl etel y fi ll the sl ot 5.

Not a visualfy inspeClable atlribule. Request or download our catalog and sign-up for our newsletter.

The philosophy, implementation strategies. Glass bodied components – Sleeved glass bodied components shall [P1D2D3] be free from staking matcrial on any 001 glass surfacesuch as the component end face. The end of the part is defined to include any coatingsolder sealsolder or weld beador any other extension.

Protection may be provided through a contro lIed heating process 4. Measurement is made from the end of the part.

Business Electronic Soldering Technologies. Criteria not establ ished Figure Flattened Post Termination 7. Notes 2 ,3 an d Figu re Circu mferential wetting of lead and barrel on sol der desti nation side Percentage of original land area covered with wetted solder on sold er destination side.

The magnification power requirement shall O ID2D3 be based on the size of the device being inspected. See Appendix A for guidelines on tool selec ti on and maintenance. Thanks again for your If your company buys lPC standards and public.

PCJ-STD-E-IPC-Hand Soldering Certification Kit

Solder does sfd louch package body. Standards allow manufacturerscustomersand suppliers to understand ane another better. Liu YunjiHuawei Technologies Co. If the height o f the component exceeds the thickness of the ztdit shou! For corrective action calculationsno more than one defec t characteristic or process indicator can be attributed to a particular interconnection site e.

It is the responsibi Ji ty of the manufacturer see 1.

When another ftux is used see 3. The coating manufacturers supplier’s inslructions or other documented process shall [D ID2D3] be followed When curing co nditi ons temperaturetimeInfra Red I.


There was not doubt that Francisco know the material, how to present it, and how to make the class It is current as of publication date of this document. The solder bath temperaturebased on n solder alloy in useshall [NID2D3] be set at a predetermined value with a tolerance of j: Kit is available with Tin-Lead or Lead-Free components.

A fi lI et shall [N1P2D3] be formed along the surfaces of contact between the wire and terminal b.

IPC J-STDE_图文_百度文库

The attachments should be m ai ntained such that clearance between wires an d clearance between the wires and the terminal board or panel is a minimum consistent with the w? I just wanted to shout a big thank you for your and BEST’s efforts for making a flawless stencil and a quick delivery!

Equipment groundingprotection and temperature control testing should be per forrned when qua1i fying equipment for purchase andlor inspection of new or repaired equipmen t. See Note 4, Table 5. When established by the manufacturer, the limit shall [DID2D3] be supported by historical data i ndicating that the c1 eaning process is provenwell establishedand in controlor by process qualification test data see 3.

Marks or scratchese. BGA solder balls contact and wet to the land forming a continuous elliptical round or pillar connection.