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Chapter 1. Introduction. There are lots of programming tasks that deal with generating reports in the tabular format. Usually such documents. The information presented in this tutorial is intended as a brief overview as to how JExcelApi may be used to read and write data in Excel format. The tutorial is . jxl package provide APIs to read and write excel sheets. I am going to explain how to use jxl package for xls files processing in this tutorial.

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Working with native peers. Handling Workbook Events 5.

Working with Ranges 7. Create a new Java project called de.

JExcel API – Reading and Writing Excel file in Java

These instances are connected to common MS Excel process. Such result is predictable because each cell reading operation produces several COM interface related Java objects, which allocate some physical memory and will not jfxcelapi immediately removed from memory after interface call.

So an application that uses compound range references may work incorrectly if Excel has another separator settings. Now that we have a worksheet within a workbook, we can write data to the cells. To use this library in your Java program add tutorual lib jxl.


In this case the workbook will not be saved and the workbook event listeners will not obtain a notification about the beforeSave event. Creating a New Workbook To create a new workbook, call the Application. The JWorkbook component is an OLE container for an Excel workbook and provides functionality for working with its contents. JExcel provides the JWorkbook component that allows embedding an Excel workbook in a Java Swing application as an ordinary Swing component.

A new workbook is created.

Obtaining Existing Values 7. Changing Text Alignment 9. JExcelApi provides all the necessary methods to format your sheets. This article gives you a headstart.

Using JExcelApi in an Android App

The futorial can forbid the save operation by returning false. Number ; import jxl. Cell ; import jxl. The following sample demonstrates how to add a worksheet listener of activation, deactivation and worksheet changed events: Before processing a right-click event.

JExcel API – Reading and Writing Excel file in Java –

Printing an Embedded Workbook Large numbers of the objects can result out of memory. Jexcelqpi ; import jxl. Working with a List of Recently Opened Files 5. The following sample demonstrates the technique of how to add a listener of the JWorkbook events: SearchAttributes class provides functionality for specifying the following settings: Workbook ; import jxl. IOException ; import java.


Working with Workbook Windows Every Excel workbook is displayed in a separate window. For instance, a double value can be represented as an integer or as a date.

If a workbook requires a password, it should be passed to the password parameter. The sample below demonstrates the way of setting cell values: To change an underline style, call the Font. jdxcelapi

To allow saving the workbook, the handler should return true. To specify the type of information to be searched, call the Range. Or download directly at this location. Workbook and Worksheet JExcel classes allow adding listeners of events generated by a workbook or worksheet respectively. If it is necessary to display just a workbook’s snapshot and forbid any UI actions, switch to static mode.

Not to be deterred I kept searching for a suitable alternative and was relieved to find JExcelApi.