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Because of all the attention this post got i wanted to create a new album with smooth looping gifs. Thanks for the support! Smooth album. Limber 11 is an easy to follow flexibility program created by Joe DeFranco. 11 effective stretching and mobility exercises that you can complete. Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 (flexibility routine) Be sure to check out the video here: ?v=FSSDLDhbacc 1.

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Bend your elbows and drop down so you’re resting your torso on your forearms. Once you touch down, reverse the motion, coming back forward to the start position while reaching out as far as you can with both hands as you lean your torso forward.

Using your hands and planted foot to move, start rolling the ball up, down, and around your right glute. Both legs get worked in their own special way, so pay special attention to your form.

If you’d like, you can carefully pick up the pace throughout the set. Stand facing away from a flat bench or chair, and elevate your right leg behind you. After rolling the outer thigh, you’ll hit the inner thigh, where the adductor muscles reside.

Limber The Only Lower-Body Warm-Up You’ll Ever Need!

Both arms should be on the floor from your palm to your elbow. Not only that, once pulled, “it’s a pain in the ass to heal,” as DeFranco puts it. Place your arms straight out to each side, palms turned so they’re on the floor.

Irritation of this deffanco can affect the sciatic nerve, causing pain and tingling down through the leg into the foot, so it ljmber to keep it limber. It can also be a game-changer for your squat depth. No more confused wriggling or pointless treadmill plodding. You might also put your hand or elbow on the elevated knee and apply some pressure for an additional stretch, or grasp the shin of the leg planted on the floor to pull yourself down a few extra clicks.


Cossack squat reps per side. Get warm just like a pro athlete with top trainer Joe DeFranco’s minute lower-body pre-workout routine! With so much positive feedback, I came back with an upgraded version in a video.

Joe DeFranco Limber 11 – Album on Imgur

Deliberately slide your hips from one side to another as far as you can go while keeping the same-side heel down to the floor, your torso more or less upright, and chest proud. For all the incredible, hard-as-nails workouts he’s shared with his army of YouTube and blog followers over the years, trainer Joe DeFranco, founder and owner of world-famous DeFranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas, never expected one of his most popular routines would be a warm-up.

Think about trying to bring your toes to the floor behind you as you go all the way back, your butt and lower back coming off the floor. Deluxe Foam roller the harder the better! As with the IT-band roll, stop at any tender points for a few seconds, flexing and extending the left knee.

This old track-and-field favorite marks the start of more dynamic movement patterns that, along with their mobility benefits, also help elevate heart rate and blood flow.

Joe DeFranco Limber 11

A simple, no-frills way to get jor up for a lower-body workout or athletic activity, the routine combines the very best mobility and flexibility exercises DeFranco has discovered through his years of training the best athletes on the planet, including everyone from NFL players to the stars of WWE. Sit on the floor, knees straight and legs out in front of you in a “V” position, with your torso upright and hands at the ready.


Swap your foam roller for the lacrosse ball, which allows for more targeted pressure on trigger points. This boot-camp-style favorite isn’t just good for breaking recruits down into a weeping pile of flesh and sweat.

Lift one knee llmber the floor and up to the side, keeping your knee bent so that your foot is near that same-side glute. It’s perfect limmber you’re about to engage in some heavy-duty squats or any sporting event that involves stop-start sprinting. Slowly bring your knees all the way down to one side as you turn your head in the opposite direction.

After loosening up drfranco gluteal area, this exercise aims higher on the kinetic chain, focusing on lumbar and thoracic spine mobility.

You don’t need anything complicated to get started today. Now, spread your legs out about inches wider than your shoulders and turn your toes so they’re pointed outward.

They originate on the bones of the hip and attach on the femur thigh bone. Thus, the Limber 11 was born. Bent-knee iron cross per side. After your main reps, you can shift side to side for additional stretching.

At this point, you should already feel a bit of a stretch lmiber your groin. In a continuous fashion, pull one knee forward toward your chest while the other leg goes backward, as if you’re running in place with your hands always in contact with the floor.

Now lower your hips to get into a deep stretch position and bend your elbows, which should be hovering right around knee degranco. A foam roller and a lacrosse ball,” DeFranco says.