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A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught – #1 bestselling author Judith McNaught dazzles with this beloved romantic classic, “one of the best ever”. A Kingdom of Dreams (#46 on our Top Romances List) done so with Judith McNaught until a friend suggested A Kingdom Of Dreams. Jennifer Merrick is a feisty Scottish Countess in the 15th century. She is abducted from her convent school by Royce Westmoreland, an English Earl known as.

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But now, 2 years later, her father has some new plans for her. IT came too little, too late. Even the most cynical reader will be reaching for a box of tissue. It was interesting to find this one still stands up pretty well. Jennifer is creatively developed as a proud, courageous and willful character that is the perfect opposition to Royce. Lifting her eyes to his, Jenny solemnly replied, “For you. They force her to look. View all 31 comments.

As they are married, there are still some circumstances that keep our couple apart from openly loving each other. It’s actually the prequel to Whitney, My Love and it tells the story of Royce Westmoreland and the proud Scottish beauty, Jennifer Merrick yes, another proud heroine.

There are more than thirty million copies of her books in print. Even now, when they were looking through her as if she didn’t exist for them, Jenny had to stop herself from pleading with them to forgive her for things she had not done. And ones that don’t make me feel like absolute shit while reading it. I was going through every emotion possible from joy and elation to sadness and defeat. Oh Man there is so much love that I have for this story, and honestly I can’t even begin to express how much I adored these two and what conflict that drives them together The hero Royce Westmoreland was everything fierce, aggressive, alpha and intimidating that I enjoy.


View all 27 comments. That stunt at the end where she sat on the other team?

A Kingdom of Dreams | Book by Judith McNaught | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Royce is an amazing man. This story is filled with a perfect blend of romance, a Review from July 31, A Kingdom of Dreams, by Judith McNaught, is probably my favorite love story of all times.

The MacPherson has enough influence with a dozen other clans to force them to join us as well. Besides family drama on the side of the hero, there is the background of cruelty Jennifer faced and why she ended up in this situation in the first place. Not on this fourteenth day of October, By using this site, you agree to kingdm Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Not to add any updates or even add this book to my CR list. Not crazy about the price, but what can jydith do. See more by Judith McNaught. I just wished Judith would have let this couple be for a little while. It’s not till quite late in the book that the scales fall from Jennifer’s eyes.

You have a feisty smart heroine who is beautiful in an unconventional way. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I ended up loving this book! She was going to marry an old leach because her father wanted the alliance. The groom’s family was tense.

In that daydream, she was always called upon to perform some incredible feat of daring, some brave and dangerous deed, like scaling the wall of the Black Wolf’s castle and capturing him single-handedly. But she also suffered a good deal of insecurity when it came to love. Jenny crucifying Royce and refusing mcnayght believe his innocence was the final straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

He was the malevolent specter that the Scots used to terrify their offspring into behaving. Now I want to grab this off the shelf and see if I would want to feed Jenny to the wolves. The heroine was sent to an abbey, although she isn’t nun mcnauhht in the least.


I am highly disappointed in the build-up, only for it to end that way. But on that day, seven weeks ago, it had been woefully true.

You know now hard I’ve judiyh What do I know? Garrick Carmichael and the others might o’ been fooled by Alexander’s angelic looks, but not ol’ Josh. But proud Jennifer will have nothing to do with the fierce English warrior who holds her captive, this handsome rogue who taunts her with his blazing.

While I was reading I kept asking myself what the Jenny haters were talking about. While there, Jennifer tries to curb her reckless ways and become someone her clan will admire, rather than feel contempt for.

You can purchase it here. I just reread Perfect last night.

A Kingdom of Dreams (Westmoreland Saga #1)

The mistrust, and deceit, the arrogance and pride, the misunderstandings and just the utter hatred for each other, just incredible. Brenna was gentle, biddable, and beautiful, with blond hair, hazel eyes, and a sweet disposition that made her, in Jenny’s eyes, the embodiment of womanhood at its best.

She needed to do more to earn his forgiveness. Royce Westmoreland, The Duke of Claymore, a. A Compelling and Riveting romance to keep you on your toes and make every nerve ending come alive!! But also clever, courageous, cunning, and incredibly loyal to her father and to Scotland. But proud Jennifer will have nothing to do with the fierce English warrior who holds her captive, this handsome rogue who taunts her with his blazing arrogance. Who doesn’t love an enemies to lover story especially with someone as yummy as Royce.