Know Thyself has ratings and 9 reviews. Shannette said: Akbar has built a wonderful case for the need for the inner journey. Who are we and why are w. Know Thyself by Na┬ÂIm Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . 1 Jan The Paperback of the Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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This pamphlet drew from Dr. This process is not limited to the transmission of certain skills and habits. We are material crea- tures as well as spiritual creatures and our physical bodies represent the aspect ghyself nature that is closest to us.

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In remembering and celebrating him, we are able to ritualistically invoke the recog- nition of all of those tribal ancestors who w-ould not give up and struggled to advance freedom for those of us who were not even bom at the time of their bat- tles. In the African- American community, we still have teachers who resist the idea that our children should be equipped to deal with racism by understanding it and recognizing its presence.

This product hasn’t received any reviews yet. The vis- ible form of the body becomes a way that we can understand the invisible process- es of our being. The soul as I have discussed above and the other components of the self as 1 will discuss below must be all considered in this process of gaining self-knowl- edge.

This means that we are only partially locked into the limitations of time and space, because the soul is our timeless nature that actually transcends our physical manifestation. They want to akbat involved in shaping public opinion and not simply reporting those opinions.

An analogy that we may use by looking at a lower animal like a dog gives us an idea of the difference between training and education.

There has been greatness and failure in all tribes of human beings. This animal nature was recognized as being a part of the human make-up in our akba towards impulsiveness, territoriality and even violence. All prices are in USD.

Thieves and murderers occur in almost all societies and they clearly rep- resent a form of social disease and must be dealt with. One need not have a war of religious dogma in order to thyaelf the ontological inescapability definite and unquestioned xkbar of God in the African conception of life. In fact this aspect of memory is only for the purpose of dramatiz- ing the significance of endurance and survival beyond the event of the trauma.


This serves as the basis for the assertion of Dr. Blair Danielslll rated it it was amazing Sep 21, These breakthroughs are crucial because they teach each new generation not only what has already been mastered and under- stood so that they begin at the top of the accumulated knowledge, but even more importantly it teaches them that they are specific recipients of this legacy haim learn- ing.

From this point of view, we should not be too critical of the ethnocentric basis of European-American education.

Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar

Again this is consistent with the way of the Ancient African people who studied and expressed God in all that they did from their language, to their art, to their monuments and buildings. Baseness may obtain riches, yet crime never lands its wares on the shore. Essentially, it requires that a group with a com- mon social destiny and common historical connection knos see themselves as ris- ing above any limitations and achieving the ascendancy of their group consistent with the highest aspirations of the rest of humanity.

This does not deny the relevance of the kind of political and economic exploitation that continues to be executed by invaders. The African view of the Self places the legacy of our ancestors as an active part of the collective and individ- ual personality. This should not be done to the exclusion of telling about the greatness of others, which has been the approach for education by European-Americans.

A truly effective educational system will encourage an openness akbat explore a wide area of interests. We should study detailed stories of the Ashanti peo- ple of Ghana who resisted their colonization and kniw the British when they sought to steal their Royal Ornaments and symbols of power. We are told that in the peak of Kemctic civ- ilization there were actually more than 80, students who thysslf studying the system of consciousness development at Ipet Isut called by the later interpreters.

I read this book years ago and still go to it today.

Know Thyself – Na’im Akbar – Google Books

He feels very strongly that truly relevant ideas should be available to as wide an audience as possible in order that they may study these ideas and apply them to their lives and to their communities.


Whereas it takes other animals literally scores of generations to alter their instincts in order to transmit the newdy discovered messages, humans are transformed by the single discover ‘ that is preserved and then transmitted forevermore.

That special attribute which distinguishes human life from all other forms of life on this planet is the unique ability to acquire knowledge.

The continuation of such moral instruction in the prover- bial teachings of West African societies demonstrates the persistence of this idea that the soul must be cultivated as an important component of the educational sys- tem.

KNOW THYSELF, by Na’im Akbar, Forward by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III

The type of vehicle and the speed is not the important thing ultimately, but the progress that one makes along the highway within the period that the soul occupies this dimension of time. Miseducation in its foundation is the cultivation of an alien identity. The African self is a multidimensional occurrence that is represented within the indi- vidual person, but also transcends the individual; it is in the present, but also tran- scends time.

The translation of works such as The Husia 13 by Dr.

We have to be exposed rhyself images that mirror ourselves which ; are worthy of dignity and worthy of respect. The European- American culture considers the study of God as a separate discipline and a force separate from and independent of the physical and rational life of the human being which one may choose to believe or not.

Malcolm X rated it thself was amazing Jun 21, The reward is the ability to achieve those very things which l survival dictates we must all have. Authors Africa World Press, Inc. It is for this reason that peo- ple who have a functional knowledge of themselves and their identity will very carefully guard thyelf education of their children to insure that they are taught those things which insure the development of their true identity.

Whether it is an Ugandan child or a Japanese child, those charged with the role of educing what they really are, must show images of the ancestral contributors to their legacy.