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And the Lord of Spirits gave commandment to the angels who were going forth, that they should not cause the waters to rise but should hold them 3 in check; for those angels were over the powers of the waters.

A flaming fire surrounded the walls, and its 13 portals blazed with fire. And I saw that valley in which there was a great 6 convulsion and a convulsion of the waters.

And 1 said unto him: And these shall alter their orbits and tasks, And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them. Who has given understanding and wisdom to everything that moves on the earth and in the sea.

Upadłe anioły według księgi Henocha by Adam 🙂 on Prezi

Ksigea until then I had been prostrate on my face, trembling: And you seek shade and shelter by reason of the heat of the sun, and the earth also burns ksieg growing heat, and so you cannot tread on the earth, or on a rock by reason of its heat.

And when the day, and the power, and the punishment, and the judgement come, which the Lord of Spirits hath prepared for those who worship not the righteous law, and for those who deny the righteous judgement, and for those who take His name in vain-that day is prepared, for the elect a covenant, but for sinners an inquisition. And I saw that man, who wrote the book according to the command of the Lord, till he opened that book concerning the destruction which those twelve last shepherds had wrought, and showed that they had destroyed much more than their predecessors, before the Lord of the sheep.

And to them shall the books be given, and they shall believe in them and rejoice over them, henodha then shall all the righteous who have learnt therefrom all the paths of uprightness be recompensed. And I saw how the winds stretch out the vaults of heaven, and have their station between heaven and earth: And water gushed forth from 3 above.

On that day the day is longer than the night by a ninth part, and the day amounts exactly to ten parts and the night to eight parts. And its floor was of fire, and above it were lightnings and the path 18 of the stars, and its ceiling also was flaming fire. And henoca thou the earth from all oppression, and from all unrighteousness, and from all sin, and from all godlessness: And the second voice I heard blessing 6 the Elect One and the elect ones who hang upon the Lord of Spirits.


The righteous with the righteous shall rejoice, And shall offer congratulation to one another. He knows before the world was created what is for ever and what will be from 12 generation unto generation.

Hennocha the Lord came to the sheep and they began to smite those wolves: Two visions I saw before I took a wife, and the one was quite unlike the other: Therefore all that is hidden shall come upon them for ever and ever; for neither angel nor man shall have his portion in itbut alone they have received their judgement for ever and ever.

Z niej wychodzi deszcz, obfite plony, bogactwo i rosa.

And after that I saw that when they forsook the house of the Lord and His tower they fell away entirely, and their eyes were blinded; and I saw the Lord of the sheep how He wrought much slaughter amongst them in their herds until 55 those sheep invited that slaughter and betrayed His place. Before I took thy mother Edna, I saw in a vision on my bed, and behold a bull came forth from the earth, and that bull was white; and after it came forth a heifer, and along with this latter came forth two bulls, one of them black and 4 the other red.

And they shall produce on the earth giants not according to the spirit, but according to the flesh, and there shall be a great punishment on the earth, and the earth shall be cleansed from all impurity.

1 Księga Henocha (1 Hen)

And that Head of Days came with Michael and Gabriel, Raphael and Phanuel, thousands and ten thousands ksiegga angels without number. And one of them was saved and was not slain, and it sped away and cried aloud over the sheep; and they sought to slay it, but the Lord of the sheep saved it from 53 the sheep, and brought it up to me, and caused it to dwell there. And first the sun goes forth and traverses his path according ksiwga the commandment 7 of the Lord of Spirits, and mighty is His name for ever and ever.

For they belong to the reckoning of the year and are truly recorded thereon for ever, one in the first portal and one in kseiga third, and one in the fourth and one in the sixth, and the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days.

The Book of Henoch – Księga Henocha (Krzysztof Gajewski)

And He was wroth with them, and bound them till the time when their guilt should be consummated even for ten thousand years. And that which thus rises is the great luminary, and is so named according to 37 its appearance, according as the Lord commanded.


And when thirty mornings are accomplished, 17 the day decreases by exactly one part, and becomes eleven parts, and the kseiga seven. And he hath assigned them their recompense, because they have been found to be such as loved heaven more than their life in the world, and though they were trodden under foot of wicked men, and experienced abuse and reviling from them and were put to shame, 11 yet they blessed Me.

And they shall begin to fight among themselves, And their right hand shall be strong against themselves, And a man shall not know his brother, Nor a son his father or his mother, Till there be no number of the corpses through their slaughter, And their punishment be not in vain.

Therefore have I given them wives also that they might impregnate them, and beget 6 children by them, that thus nothing might be wanting to them on earth. And I will deliver them over unto you duly numbered, and tell you which of them are to be destroyed-and them destroy ye. Hfnocha no request that they i.

And that previously you shall have seen the destruction of your beloved sons and ye shall have no pleasure in them, but they shall fall before 7 you by the sword. Powiadamiaj mnie o nowych wpisach poprzez e-mail.

And her first phase in the east comes forth on the thirtieth morning: But for the sinners there is kiega impending with Me, So that I shall destroy them from the face of the earth.

And he has power over night and day in the heaven to cause the light to give light to men -sun, henocua, and stars, 9 and all the powers of the heaven which revolve in their circular chariots. And around it were many fountains of wisdom: I saw the mountains of the darkness of winter and the place 8 whence all the waters of the deep flow.

One year we will leave thee with thy son, till thou givest thy last commands, that thou mayest teach thy children and record it for them, and testify to all thy children; and in the second year they shall take thee from their midst. And they shall begin to fight among themselves, And their right hand shall be strong against themselves.

In two months the moon sets with the sun: