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Today I received an uncommon English translation of a Kuji Goshin Ho manual, along with the Japanese text in traditional Japanese sutra style. 05 JAPAN NINJUTSU: Kuji Goshin Ho. This vid is about the Kuji and Haya Kuji in a traditional way. More information. Saved by. ღ Slavica Juric ღ. Kuji Goshin Ho (九字護身法) is in essence a ritual ceremony of spiritual self protection that employs Kuji Kiri and Kuji In to call upon the strongest spirits in the .

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Please improve this article by removing less relevant or redundant publications with the same point of view ; or by incorporating the relevant publications into the body of the article through appropriate citations.

See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. This article possibly contains original research. However, instead of the original nine Taoist syllables, Kakuban created a new set of nine syllables based on the mantra of Amida Nyorai.

Japanese Kuji Goshin Ho – Ninpo Mikkyo Shugendo Manual | #

Generally it is the mata [syllable] for victory, or “to destroy”. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Kuji-kiri – Kuji Kiri “nine symbolic cuts” is found today in Shugendo the religion of Japanese Mountain Priests, ShugenjaShingon Mikkyo an esoteric Buddhist sect and many old and traditional schools “ryuha” of Japanese martial ukji including but not exclusive to schools that have ties with Ninjutsu. Many of these mudras are shared, however, many are not. The kuji formulas Kakuban introduces are commonly grouped under the title zokushu, and are completely unrelated to original Taoist kuji.

Finger binary Kuni number gestures Chisanbop. Mantra is, On aganaya in maya sowaka.

However, in several of the kuij rituals it is spelled out that the strokes are made alternately horizontal and then vertical: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 27 June Index finger and thumb raised and pressed together, middle fingers cross over index fingers and their tips curl back to touch the thumbs’ tips, the middle-fingers’ nails touching.

Especially in regards to the first and last mudras, the mudras associated with the syllables “to” and “sha”, “kai” and “jin”. A simple look gshin the ku-ji and their relation to the prescribed deities shows a very logical pattern. The fact that the Taoist kuji are not seen in Japanese documents and writings until at least the s, and then not extensively until around the Edo jidai ADE and Meji jidai ADE indicates that they were either not extensively practiced, or taught as kuden oral transmission.


As to why there appears to be no correlation between the mudra and mantra and the representative deities is unknown at this time. Mantra is, On baishiramantaya sowaka. Kuji-practice board – Protect yourself from evil energy! As to what the kuji consisted of at the time it arrived in Japan is unknown.

Japanese Kuji Goshin Ho – Ninpo Mikkyo Shugendo Manual

This description also applies to the next two mudra, gebbaku-in gesture of the outer bond and its immediate counterpart neibbaku-in kujo of the inner bound.

Zokushu is based on Jodoshu [Pure land sect] and therefore the primary deity of worship is Amida Nyorai. The index sometimes middle fingers are raised and pressed together.

Where you will go first? The kuji-in are used in a number of their meditations, both those related simply to their religious practice and those dealing with their martial arts; in some ways, they are used similarly to the Taoist ideas in Chinese internal martial arts some of the ideas of Chinese internal arts are, however, incorporated in many Japanese arts, including ninjutsu and jujutsu. The Fuju shu lists rituals, 26 of them kuji-ho. Arrows to Heaven and Earth Reprint ed.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s ouji notability guideline. Each of the nine syllables has a meaning that when integrated with the corresponding mudra, mantra, and visualization [corresponding deity] manifests sanmitsu kaji [grace, virtue, merit of the Three mysteries]. Hang silk of the five colors, each piece five inches wide, from a large rock, so that you may be sure to succeed in your goal.

Without further evidence, no other conclusions can be made. The Ninja Onmyoji is not providing professional medical, psychological or legal advice.

If kumi in a recovery program or being treated for depression or any other uo of mental illness or personality disorder, please consult the appropriate medical professional you currently receive care from before initiating or continuing the meditation techniques that may be referenced on this blog.


Some, however, are other Taoist formulas taken from Taoist writings and Buddhist sutras. The two lions are commonly seen outside the doors of Buddhist temples, where they stand as guardians against evil and baleful influences.

While the kuji-in have no unique relation to ninjutsuthe ninja traditions are steeped in esoteric Buddhist beliefs, especially Mikkyo. The Taoist ku-ji are next cited in a text called the Wuliangshou jing youpotishe yuansheng ji zhu The commentary on the discourse about the Sutra on Immeasurable Life, and on the verses about the vow to be reborn [in the Pure Land]or just Wangsheng lunzhu for short, by Taluan ?

December Learn how and when to remove this template hp.

Kuji-in – Wikipedia

In relation to yin and yang theory, the yang aspect is the light, masculine, positive, offensive, absolute, horizontal, left, forward, upward. This is a picture of Kuji-kiri cuttin through nine symbolic signs with the 2 fingers of your right hand as a spiritual sword for practicing purpose, an art of chasing away evil spirits from your vicinity and gshin spiritual protection.

I want to be nowhere near you, because a great cosmic and karmic boom is about to be leveled upon you. Vajrapani is associated with Acala who is venerated as Fudo-Myo and is serenaded kuj the holder of the Vajra. To enter a famous mountain, choose an opening day, which can be determined by its cyclical binary. Often a tenth syllable is added at the end. The booklet includes drawings of all relevant finger-weaving mudra as well as the mantra of course, along with instructions for the “cutting” of the Kuji grid.

Another kuji formula is found in the writings of Jodo Shinshufounded by Shinranand is yet another mantra to Amida Nyorai which reads.