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View and Download Lenze series operating instructions manual online. Inverter Drives Variant Dancer-position control with Torque control. series. vector. System/Component overview. Lenze. FU vector en 11/ 3. System overview/Selection guide. Communication modules e.g. keypad or. PROFIBUS. Get Lenze IB Manual. Get all Lenze manuals! with optical fibre cable together with the controller series as of E DC controller E 5x. 6x.

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Under CO02 you tan also load the factory setting.

Configuration – Lenze EDS4900U-REG User Manual

Page 42 suitable majual resistor as follows: Accessories For Digital Frequency Networking This symbol refers to items of information intended to facilitate operation. The parameter is mapped via the ramp-min function to the Lenze deceleration ramp L-C Don’t have an account?

Commands in the profile parameter “control word” or “automation control word” can cause the controller status to change. Dimensions v i e w The scope of delivery includes: The controller divides the Speed setpoint by the actual winding diameter.

Process input data description hex Data format: The IB bus interface module has the following features: From these you tan select each one for control and programming. Please note that the braking time may vary each time.


Lenze series Manuals

This function is necessary to avoid an unintended starting of the drive during switch on. Adjustment Of The Dancer-position Controller Features Of Setpoint Selection Of The Configuration The fault indication is flashing as long as the fault has not been reset.

Limits Of The Radius Calculation Name of the parameter Content or meaning of the parameter values. Programming of additional acceleration and deceleration times 800 ramp times are set in two Steps, under ClOO, one pair of Reset Of The Manua, Compensation Index hex Sub- Data index str. This is shown in the following.

This operating mode supports the communication on a bus with several masters e. Further Inputs And Outputs Page The following codes at-e important for the setting of the analog inputs: Table Of Lsnze Offset And Gain Adjustment Name Parameter Facto- setting is printed in bold Preselection: Controller interfaces for control and programming: History Of Reset Faults That means, the drive could accelerate to fmax while adjusting the inputs when the setting controller enable is activated, although amnual a very small setpoint was Page 3 How to use these operating instructions The controller is inhibited and waits for controller enable.

The independently of the operating mode, a digital frequency input. All digital inputs and Outputs are PLC compatible and are – when operated with an external voltage supply 24 V – isolated from the rest of the control Stage. Manula accessories included adapters with Optical transmitter and cables, data transmission with a very high immunity to interferences is possible.


Features Of Setpoint Features of setpoint 2 co Maximum Current Reached, Imax Notes which should be observed to avoid possible damage to or destruction of equipment. Technical data General data M a i n s v o l t a g e: Installation You can integrate the IB bus interface module into the controllers of the lenzs,series.

Lenze 8600 series Manuals

Enabling JOG frequencies With terminal control activate the assigned digital inputs according to the table below. Preceeding zeros may be omitted.

The parameters listed in the code table are automatically and permanently saved. Using repeaters this structure can be extended to a maximum of participants in the whole bus system.

Operation With Dc-bus Supply The power and control terminals of the controllers are noise immune without screened cables up to severity class 4 to IEC