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When the Linn drum is running on external sync, the trigger output will follow the tempo of the sync input. The Sync output will follow the tempo of the internal. There’s a jpeg manual here but you need to be a member: if you have a specific question I. The LinnDrum is a powerful creative tool for the musician, songwriter, or home recordist. Imagine having a Owner’s or Service Manual (each). $

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LlnnDrum will “beep” to verify the copy. Any further drums tapped in will be “overdubbed” into the repeating two-measure loop, in addition to those recorded on previous passes. Page u 1 Set the oasaette’s tone to “FJI. Type In the two-digit pattern number.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

To remotely trigeer one of these drums, connect s control pad to tbe dfsired triEser input tfor example, snare Js input 11and play the pad. To change the feel of an existing rhythm pattern from one setting to another, simply press AFTER and the button directly below the desired setting A-F. The printing belgw eacti button describes the instrument you hear when that button Is pressed. Reassignment of a trigger input is simple.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In addition to the two levels of closed hihat, there is an “open” hi-hat. This control adjusts the overall volume of the stereo mixer, while having no effect on the individual outputs. Beware of cheap units— they make very poor data recorders. This is because they are acting as a “read- out” of the settings which were used to create that particular pattern.


To select a song, hold SONGand type the two-digit number of the desired song. The pattern you recorded ney sound better in playback than what uas actually entered.

The higher the number.

Tuning controls are provided for snare, hi, mid and lo toms, and hi and lo congas. If the dealer cannot determine this, the customer must cell Linn Electronics, Inc, for the same reason. janual

The hi hat has 3 buttons: This -Will insure that any parts “overdubbed” on to the pattern will not conflict mnual the eiiating parts. Press again to atop.

LlnnDrum holds up to fl? Decay time adjust for the closed hi hat is also provided. In this mode, all drums are played back exactly as recorded. In addition, it may be programmed to output a pulse. These indicate different volumes of the same drum and are used for programming dynamics into your rhythm patterns.

The louder click indicates the start of measure 1. If tbese patterns were to be loaded into their original pattern nuiBbers, they might replace some new patterns unioh existed In LinnDrum at the time of loading.


To construct a song: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Push the button once, and the light switches to the other node.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

To chanse the “feel” timing setting of the selected rhythm pattern: No setup is required on LinnDrum, Caution: This function inserts a new pattern in the middle of a song and moves all steps located above the insertion point up by one.

Pase 22 Linn Electronics, Inc.

Both pattern numbers now contain identical rhythms. This function aliapllfies the task of doubling the length of a repeating pattern a tuo measure pattern becomes four measures by copying the data if anyj which exists under a pattern number into a newly created second half, No data is lost, but rather a mirror image of the pattern whatever the eitstlng length is created and added on to the end of itself.

This indicates the percentage of memory manuak for programming patterns or songs. Press It again to atop.