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Configuring the MX7 Tecton with HSM Connect (or LXEConnect). The MX7 Tecton can be locked manually by tapping Start > Lock. By default, this option is. The MX7 Bluetooth® module supports LXE Bluetooth printers and scanners. Important Contact your LXE representative to obtain the LXE Manuals CD. MX7 MX7 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Touchscreen Calibration To start, tap Recalibrate. Slide the voice cable ends together until they click shut. Avalanche Enabler Opening Screen Note: Notifications may include sound, light flash the Alpha LED flashes and vibra- tion.


It is not recommended that comments be placed on the end of lines as any future changes could render your script files incompatible.

Main Battery Pack A replaceable mAh Blank lines are also manuql. This parameter cannot be configured from the Network Avalanche Mobility Center Console and is enabled by default. Don’t have an account?

Enter text from picture: These are standard Microsoft small form applications for which help is available on the MX7 Tecton and the Internet. The mode switch is being attempted after a hotkey press. Bluetooth Other Bluetooth devices cannot be discovered mx77 they have been set up to be Non-Discoverable or Invisible. You will see a bracketed crosshair strike the barcode.


This is displayed with a modal dialog. Set the parameters for a wireless network using the utility included in Windows Mobile. Tap the Admin Login This test does not manuall if file is a file or directory.

Translate All This button is grayed unless an entry in the list box is highlighted.

LXE MX7 Tecton Reference Manual

Stored Credentials, How To: Make sure the correct root CA certificate is selected in the list box. Page 84 This panel is used to view the status and percentage of power remaining in the MX7 Tecton main battery. EXE or equivalent should be specified in the Application text box and the internet application should be entered in the command line.

Line items are Removed one at a time. For the username Password tap the radio Certificates are date sensitive and if the date is not correct authentication will fail. The click means the connector is seated firmly.

A list of available networks is displayed. Handle Tether Attach Point Note: Certs Path for more information on certificate storage. Any Bluetooth activity indicators are located in the Desktop taskbar.

Choose an option in the Enable Mc7 ID drop-down box: These instructions are for components made of glass. Tap OK when finished. To use the Status Popup, first map a key to the status window. Display, Display Backlight Timer The backlight timer dims the backlight on the touchscreen at the end of the specified time.


Com1 Tab If these values mahual changed, the default values are restored after a cold boot or after re-imaging the OS. Ends conditional command block executed only if the device type specified in IfTerm matches. When clicked, the OS does a registry flush Active registry saved to Flash registry hiveand then a Warmboot warmboot. Contents of the text box fields are cleared at the same time.

Lxe mx7 handheld computer microsoft windows ce 5. Tap the Commit button to save changes. Page Tap the Barcode Data button. Remove Battery Place the discharged battery pack in a powered battery charger. The version information stored consists of the LXE build number, plus the date and time of compile in lieu of a build number.

Attaching The Handstrap Note: