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SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. This book was done as a work of love and published by Maxwell Drake, Imagined Interprises Incorporated. A comic quest for wealth, power, and all that other good stuff, conceived, written, and illustrated by Larry Elmore. SnarfQuest: The Book collects the complete. The SnarfQuest Graphic Novel [Larry Elmore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Snarfquest Graphic Novel by Elmore. If you have never.

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Wish us well on our travels and get an official Kickstarter SnarfQuest Wallpaper. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Mail is not guaranteed, snargquest we are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.

SnarfQuest Graphic Novel #1 (Issue)

I knew the day my local gaming shop was receiving their shipment of Dragon Magazine, and I would be there each month, waiting. Of course this game would not be possible at all without the participation of Snarf’s creator, Larry Elmore. SnarfQuest is one of the stories that influenced me to become a fantasy writer.

Thus, Suthaze gained a powerful servant that could be easily controlled. You try being original after all these. Estimated delivery Sep Its a rather fun and amusing comic with lots of geeky humor that does well even today among the tabletop crowd. Snarf managed to convince the gullible Aveeare that he Snarf was a being of great importance: In the end, we are proud of what we now present to the world.

Telerie is far more courageous in some respects than Snarf; she also lacks a sense of modestywhich tends to embarrass Snarf. Share this project Done. His tower was ultimately destroyed, accidentally, by Snarf and Prince Raffendorf in a conflict with Suthaze outside.


Retrieved March 1, Leech — The leech is a small, octopus-like creature with a single clawed arm. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Snarfqeust Ship Orders Internationally.

Raffendorf wears an sharfquest patch over his right eye, and is missing his tail—apparently by injury—He is more polite and has better manners than Snarf. Tweet Share Pin Email. Larry Elmore — “This book looks fantastic, Drake did a great job in restoring many faded lines, bad scans and cleaning up my sloppy lettering.

In addition, you and a guest are invited to join Larry Elmore and Maxwell Alexander Drake for dinner in Indianapolis Indiana on the night of Thursday, August 18th, Originally called a “Gaggaleech”, it came into Snarf’s possession when he bought a Gagglezoomer in the town of ‘Keynovia’. If you are a snarfqueat for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

It will also ensure that we can fund proper licenses and ensure timely distribution. It’s good for you, it’s good for us, it’s good for the whales. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

Call your friends and let them know what we are doing. In addition, we’ll also give you a package of digital wallpaper so that you can put SnarfQuest Tales on your desktop! We feel Larry deserves that much. Assembling a team of professional video game designers and programmers, James began developing a game in his favorite style: Be sure to add the shippingif you are adding the 20×30 print.

That’s right, you will get one random page from this SnarfQuest book that Larry hand drew decades ago. The art is black and white ink on a inch by inch piece of tracing paper. Archived copy as title Use mdy dates from August Due to popular demand, Elmore created a special one-shot episode, in color, which appeared in Dragon December Not only will you be ensuring that Snarf will get the game he deserves, you can also pick up some great SnarfQuest loot!


It will be available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes, just tell us which size you want when we send you the survey at the end of this campaign. All of these questions weighed heavily on the shoulders of each of us working on this project.

We have also finished the prep work needed to create the Collector’s Coin, the Deck of Cards, Updating the molds for the Ral Partha minitures, Snarqfuest the artwork for the T-Shirts, etc. Because the rewards from many but not all lower tiers are also given to higher tiers, we’ve made this chart to help you see what rewards you are eligible to receive for each reward tier.

Four sets of professionally framed original SnarfQuest story sbarfquest have graced our doors. You can opt to not get it earning 3 points and instead get a second Collector’s Coin 1 pointand an Imagined Hardback book of your choice 2 points. Using simple math, you should be able to deduct an item you don’t want from your package, and replace it with as sbarfquest items as it takes to get that same point value. This book contains all the black and white plus the color strips snagfquest Snarf that were ever published.