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În publică cel de-al doilea roman al său – Splendida cetate a celor o mie de sori-, care a fost timp de 60 de săptămâni pe lista bestseller-urilor din New. Splendida cetate a celor o mie de sori [Hosseini Khaled] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Povestea unei iubiri coborate parca din vechile. An Afghan war-set drama centered on two Muslim women who form a friendship.

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A woman who had the guts celro stand up to the misogynistic chauvinist man she called a husband. Was Rasheed all bad? There are two things that I liked about this book: I’m angry This book has left me feeling very very angry.

I somehow knew in my bones that Mariam would make the ultimate sacrifice – view spoiler [ to turn herself in to the Taliban and be sentenced to death so that Laila and her children could go free and find happiness with Laila’s soul mate, Tariq. Hosseini’s books have all solendida tremendous and if you’re intimidated but still want to try them out, I would recommend this on audio!

View all 16 comments. It is critically important for every American who has an opinion about war, freedom and human rights to read this book.

View all 3 comments. Then again, maybe he perfectly understood his audience. I’m so scared he’s going to g August I was riding in a cab in Bombay recently, and a bookseller splendiva foot approached me at a traffic light with a stack of books.

Annoying thing however, was that I didn’t see at all how the cover image related to the story. Splebdida continues some cdtate the themes used in his previous work, such as the familial aspects, but focuses primarily on female characters and their roles in Afghan society.


As well as being a master storyteller, Hosseini has an undeniable ability to create vivid and memorable characters. And then there’s the part where, towards the end, you find out that Jalil regretted marrying off his daughter.

Did I say awful? The novel does have a it seems overly simplified history lesson incorporated into it, but the main narrative in this case is about the domestic life.

Khaled Hosseini – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A Thousand Splendid Suns is also a fight clor impossible odds, a cetaate of hope when the situation is hopeless, and the resilience of the human spirit.

O sa va spun una. Throughout reading it, I kept thinking, “This could have been so much better. I used to know the whole poem, but all I can remember now is two lines: And protecting them from falling in the hands of those who would mould them to absorb hatred ,violence and intolerance.

Is this book better? But it usually feels incredibly superficial, especially when the words being used aren’t foreign concepts, but rather basic words — “brother,” “sister” and the like. Loved it, although it was missing a few pages here and there: The thing is, I cannot abide extreme hardship, pain, and suffering on behalf of the characters that are in the books I read.

However, whereas the story there was told from the perspective of the person who lived through the book’s events, this book is told from the more removed third-person perspective. I never connected with them. So what is this all about?


Splendida cetate a celor o mie de sori

Three stars mean I recommend it. The book ended in the most heartbreaking way possible and yet it was so fitting to Mariam’s utterly stoic, compassionate and sacrificial personality that I just sat there and bawled.

View all 4 comments. This story shows the important bond of friendship, and how strong this is especially when faced with difficult decisions or scenarios, and how this bond of love will effect the next generation.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Just do be prepared that it is not a FUN read, and can be quite tough to get through for the first while. I read fiction as an escape from the shit reality of this world, and if I’m lucky, I’ll learn something while I’m at it.

Given the poverty and the ability of both these real and fictional men to scrape out a living and the denial of education and employment opportunities for women there is a sad truth soi their boasts. Somehow they became ingrained in my memory. So both had a very powerful impact on me, but I still found myself longing for the balance between beauty and sadness in The Kite Runner over the horrible circumstances the characters had to endure in A Thousand Splendid Suns.

I can’t imagine recommending this book to anyone. How strange, because this was a book where I dared not to turn the page, but I kept flipping and breaking my own heart anyway.